Research shows as kids get older, they gradually lose their ability to regulate their food intake, meaning they get too little or too much food for their body type. “What Does Your Tummy Say?” is a children’s story that highlights the importance of tuning into hunger and fullness. It can serve as a conversation starter for families to share experiences and challenges and learn about healthy ways to relate to food.

Ever since Emily can remember, she has been encouraged to listen to her tummy. When Emily asks for more food or wants to leave the table, her mama asks: What does your tummy say? When Emily enters the second grade, she is surprised to learn that not everyone listens to his or her tummy. Emily watches Larry the Lunch Monitor, Grandpa Jerry, and Aunt Jane not follow this simple rule — and how they end up unhappy. Emily tries to help them discover the joys of listening to their tummies but fails miserably. That is, until her mama shares a secret that changes everything!