You’re Not Too Much: Intensive Lives in an Expansive World

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If people have ever told you you’re too much, if you feel everything at super size, if you get really excited about things, if you dive in with both feet, no holds barred you’re probably an intensive.ย 
And this book is for you.

Written for intensives and the people around them, You’re Not Too Much lays out a new personality model: the Sinha Intensive/Expansive Framework, and then uses it to provide a positive look at oft-criticized characteristics of intense people. It begins by describing the types, then explains what assets intensives bring to the table and how intensives and expansives can connect productively with more appreciation and less frustration on both sides. It covers personal, relationship, and leadership situations, as well as a look at cultural origins and consequences.

In this book:

  • Discover if you (and your kids, and your loved ones, and your colleagues) are an intensive or an expansive.
  • What is the bias of the workplace, and how does that affect our choices?
  • How do you learn to love someone who thinks so differently that they drive you up a wall?
  • What do intensive leaders look like, and how do you get things done without overwhelming everyone in your path?
  • How did the world get like this, anyway? And what do we do now?