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Stock Photos for Inclusive Yoga

Enrich your visual offerings

Represent people who are larger-bodied, plus-size, superfat, people of color, BIPOC, practice minority religions, are part of the LGBTQIAP+ community, live with disabilities or are otherwise underrepresented.

Attract new customers

Use this opportunity to stand out in any market and reach entirely new demographics by representing the real bodies and lives of your customers.

“I’m revolutionizing the stock photo industry by offering body-positive and diverse commercial-use stock images of fat, POC, and LGBTQIAP+ people that are ethically produced (all models and creators are fairly compensated).”

» Lindley Ashline, Body Liberation Stock founder

Browse stock images for Health at Every Size®

“Images matter. They tell us what’s possible, what things go together, what belongs and what doesn’t belong. And we’re all just trying to belong somewhere.” » Emily Nagoski

The challenge

Finding photos that represent the full scope of your actual and potential customers can be a huge challenge as a business owner, because most of the stock images available are of people who are in line with current beauty standards. Not a very diverse selection at all, and probably not representative of your customer base.

The solution

The pictures at Body Liberation Stock help illustrate health at every size (and any size) in a way that breaks this too-common mold entirely. We’re depicting real-world people, bodies and situations to help you attract new business and represent your existing customers.

The benefits

Not only are images that represent a wide range of body sizes and types good for your marketing, you can also use them to help change the world. When we see ourselves represented in marketing, advertising and social media, it helps expand our internal vision of what’s possible and where we belong.

Designed for your business

  • Yoga instructors and studio owners
  • Health at Every Size® healthcare providers, authors, therapists, nutritionists and dietitians
  • Body image, intuitive eating and life coaches
  • Inclusive and fat-friendly fitness pros and personal trainers
  • Plus-size fashion designers, retailers and ecommerce
  • Body-positive bloggers and influencers

For most commercial or personal uses

  • Use on your website and blog posts
  • Ebooks or books (self-published or traditionally published)
  • Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts
  • Anywhere you’ve previously only used photos of thin white bodies
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Add filters, effects and text on top
  • Illustrate anti-diet and intuitive eating principles

Affordable for small business

Buy bundles of credits to make stock images even more affordable, or subscribe for the best possible deals.

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