3 ways to destress and relax before your boudoir photography session

Which of these situations sounds better?

A. You rush into your boudoir session sweaty and stressed. That workout took longer than you expected, and then you need to return those library books before the fees started piling up.

B. You stroll into your boudoir session happy and relaxed, a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

One of the really cool things about a plus size boudoir session is that you can wrap any kind of experience around it that you want. This is the perfect time to get in some “you” time, especially if — like most of us — your days contain lots of responsibility and not very much relaxation.

Here are three different ways to relax and refresh before your boudoir session. Just pick the one that works best for your personality!

Plus size boudoir photos by female photographer in Seattle

Pamper me

When in our lives do we really take the time to pamper ourselves? Weddings, vacations, a rare spa day. Not very often. If pedicures and haircuts make you relaxed and happy, this is the perfect time to indulge. Schedule a haircut a few days beforehand and add a mani/pedi to your schedule the day before your session. Or take a day off from work or call the babysitter, and make a full day (or full weekend!) all about you.

You might consider adding a massage with your favorite massage therapist the day before or day of your session. I’ve also partnered with the phenomenal Lyn Yancha of Century Massage to offer session-day massages. When reserving your session, just add the Session-Day Massage to your cart as well. (If you choose that option, we’ll schedule your boudoir session in the afternoon so you have time to shower in between.)

Oh, and remember that you’ll still have fancy hair and makeup after your session, so this is a good time to schedule that date or nice dinner. Just bring along a pretty dress to change into and you’re good to go.

Plus size boudoir photos by female photographer in Seattle

Relax me

If the thought of scheduling more appointments makes you sigh, try going a more peaceful route. Set aside the morning of your session for some you-only quiet time. Turn off your phone notifications and your computer monitor, and let people know you’re having quiet time and can’t respond right away.

If you’ve never tried meditation, this is a perfect time. Find a meditation app you like in advance, or put on the kind of music that makes you breathe deeply and appreciate the world around you. Light a candle and breathe deeply for ten minutes and feel the peace as your muscles relax.

If meditation’s not your thing, take a long bath, find a quiet nook to read for the morning — even if it involves heading to the library or a coffee shop — or take a slow walk in your local park. The goal is to arrive at your session calm, refreshed, and ready to go.

Plus size boudoir photos by female photographer in Seattle

Dress me up

If you’re not a lingerie person, don’t worry — you can skip this option entirely and feel free to bring something simple to your session.

For Sirens who love to dress up, though, this is the road to happiness for your boudoir session. You’ll want to reserve your session a month out to give you enough time to find the perfect outfits, and then it’s time to hit the shops! Here’s a quick guide to the best places to find plus-size lingerie for your boudoir session.

Think about all the components of a possible outfit — lingerie, hosiery, shoes, accessories. This is a great time to start a private Pinterest board as you plan. (You can even get input from friends and lovers that way.)

Also remember that you can re-use all the pieces of your outfits, separately or together, so don’t think of your outfits as one-time creations. 😉

Which approach works best for you, lovely? Any Pinterest boards you’d like to show me?

xoxo, Lindley

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