15 Fine Art Prints to Lift Up Large Bodies and Inspire the Soul

A fat person's bare arm, torso and hip are surrounded by green leaves. A white circle in the center contains the name of the blog post.

Image description: A fat person’s bare arm, torso and hip are surrounded by green leaves. A white circle in the center contains the name of the blog post.

I’m a professional photographer, and I create artwork that celebrates the unique beauty of bodies that fall outside conventional “beauty” standards. I fight weight stigma by giving fat people a safe place to explore how their bodies look on camera and by increasing the representation of fat bodies in photography, advertising, fine art and the world at large.

My work is both body-positive and fat-positive, and is known for its rich colors and focus on bodies as they exist in the world without retouching.

It is absolutely vital for those of us who live in large bodies to see ourselves represented.

Seeing bodies like ours in the media, in photos used for advertising, on social media and in fine art not only make a scientifically-measurable difference in our body image and happiness with ourselves, but help us learn to position ourselves as equally worthy, equally attractive, equally beautiful and equally desirable.

Here are 15 of my favorite fat-positive and inspiring fine art prints. In addition to the lovely bodies depicted in most of the prints, I’ve included a few fan-favorite and most-requested nature photographs.

These prints make wonderful additions to the walls of your home or office. They look great tacked to your fridge or propped up on a table, mantel or desk, and they’re fantastic gifts for friends or lovers.

Yoga studios, Health at Every Size (HAES)-aligned therapists, healthcare providers, massage therapists, fitness facilities, trainers, coaches and others also hang these pictures to make clear the welcoming and inclusive nature of their businesses. (Don’t have physical walls right now? Consider how they’d look in the background of your Zoom calls.)

The fine art prints I offer come in two different styles:

  1. Matted Fuji pearl prints (5×7″ and 8×10″), which feature sharp detail, high-intensity colors and a distinctive pearl-like sheen
  2. Thin wrap (11×14″ and 24×36″), an extremely lightweight and wall-friendly print that “floats” on your wall

I order, hand mat and sign, and send each print directly to your doorstep. (Want a larger size? Email me at [email protected]) In addition to being available as fine art prints, some of these images are also available as stock photos at Body Liberation Stock.

1. “Growth” 2019

Image description: The rolls and curves of a fat woman are shown enfolded in green azalea leaves. She has pale skin. The image shows her torse from the side including her arm which is covering parts of her stomach and shows her stomach and leg. She is nude but the picture does not show any nudity.

In this fine art photograph, the rolls and curves of a fat woman are shown enfolded in azalea leaves. There are green, growing azalea leaves in the image, but the emphasis is on the growth in maturity and acceptance involved in seeing your own nude body for the first time, and seeing it as a neutral part of the natural world.

This photograph is available in both color and black and white.

2. “Fat Yoga I” 2016

Image description: A fat woman stretches toward the sun on a mountain lakeshore. She has pale skin and bright pink hair, is dressed in a burgundy sports bra and shorts and is standing on a pink yoga mat.

A fat woman stretches toward the sun on a mountain lakeshore. Behind her is forest and greenery along the lakeside in a multitude of shades. Her pink mat is placed on the shoreline and she is standing doing a backbend with her arms to the sky.

3. Kilauea Rainbow

Image description: A photo of a double rainbow lights the sky after a brief rain shower above the Kilauea volcano on Hawaiiโ€™s Big Island. The sky is blue with low white clouds.

A double rainbow lights the sky after a brief rain shower above the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island. Remind yourself of the magic and beauty of Earth each time you look at this piece. Let the double rainbows remind you to always be looking for the hidden messages life is trying to show you.

4. “Opening Up” 2018

Image description: A Black woman has her hand gently on her collarbone and is facing towards the ocean looking relaxed. The photo starts from her mouth and goes to her chest. She is wearing a hat, diamond earrings, and a dark navy v-neck shirt.

A Black woman breathes deeply near the waters of Puget Sound. It reminds us of how it feels to take that first deep breath by the sea, of letting go and of welcoming in, of the first step in a journey.

5. “Night Goddess” 2019

Image description: There is a nude, plus-size woman standing in the light of the full moon. The image is dark and you see the outline of her body. Her hands are up the air in the air in front of the moonlight.

A plus-size woman poses dramatically on a moonlit night, clad only in a trailing scarf. This image shows us the beauty of basking in the moonlight and the serenity her light brings us.

6. “Attitude” 2019

Image description: Black and white image of a medium-bodied woman sitting on a sandy mountain with large boulders behind her. She is sitting with her legs spread and she is leaning forward resting her arms on her knees. She has a neutral look and is staring directly at the camera. One of her arms has a tattoo down her top forearm and onto her hand. She is wearing glasses and has long hair that lies over her chest.

A medium-bodied woman sits on a mountain near dusk, legs spread and hair framing her face. The photograph is a commentary on how people in larger bodies — especially women — are expected to compensate for their bodies by being extra nice, extra friendly, extra apologetic, extra open to conversations with strangers.

We’re over it, and we don’t owe you anything.

7. “Twirl” 2016

Image description: A plus-size woman wearing a black bikini with a white skirt that is flowing in the wind from her twirling around. Her arms are out to her side and her pink hair is also moving with the motion. She is on a cement path with the big blue ocean in front of her and mountains in the distance. She is facing away from the camera towards the path.

A fat woman with bright pink hair twirls joyfully on a walkway next to the water, her skirt flaring out with the motion. This photo is a reminder to have fun and embrace your inner child.

8. “The Story on My Skin” 2018

Image description: A close-up image of a woman’s chest. The image shows her cleavage and a scar above her breast. The photo is in black and white and she is wearing a cheetah printed top and a necklace with a moon and owl.

Part of an older woman’s story is revealed in the heart surgery scar on her chest and her favorite necklace. We can use this print as a reminder of the stories our skin holds within each of us. We all have stories, and they’re all valuable.

9. Summer Rose

Image description: A sun-drenched rose blooms in the garden. You can see greenery behind the light pink rose and the sun shining through.

A sun-drenched rose blooms in the gardens of Washington, DC’s National Cathedral. I took this photograph a number of years ago, in a time of turmoil in my life, and I hope it brings you some peace as well. Note that I’ve not photoshopped the petals of the rose into perfection, as is common with modern nature photography. Natural imperfections are beautiful.

10. “Garden Goddess” 2019

Image description: In this black and white image a fat woman is laying on her back naked in the grass. She is upside down in the photo with her hands reaching above head to the bottom of the photo. There are flowers placed over her pelvic region. Her eyes are closed and she looks peaceful.

A fat woman lies nude in a garden, clad in flowers and shade. This image really speaks to the vulnerability of both living in a large body and of allowing it to be visible. The censor bar is not present on the printed image.

11. “Wild Horizon” 2020

Image description: A dark and stormy view of a beach. The ocean looks white with waves crashing and there are logs along the shoreline. The clouds are rolling in over a hill and are dark with shades of blue, green, and purple in the sky.

A winter storm rolls over Beach 3 in the Kalaloch area of Washington state’s Pacific coast. 

12. Fine Art Print: Body Love” 2016

Image description: In this black and white image a woman is standing in her underwear bottoms and holding a heart-shaped, metal ornament with the word LOVE cut out of it and little flowers. The image shows from under her chest to her knees and only shows half of her body. Her stomach has stretch marks.

A light-skinned, medium-bodied Black woman stands in her underwear and holds out a metal ornament with LOVE cut out.

13. “Clad in Flowers” 2018

Image description: A nude woman lying in the grass showing from her waist to knees. Her womb area is clothed in purple flowers.

A fat woman lies nude in a garden, clad in clematis flowers. This type of image — flowers delicately hiding a woman’s pubic area — is such a classic in portrait photography, and I’ve never once seen it used to portray a fat body. I’m changing the images we see in the world, one fat photo at a time.

This photograph is available in both color and black and white.

14. “No More Cover-Ups” 2019

Image description: A plus-size woman walking along the shoreline of the ocean looking out to the mountains in the distance. She is wearing a 2-piece swimsuit that is light blue with yellow sunflowers. She is holding in one hand a black piece of clothing that she has taken off.

A fat woman in a colorful two-piece bathing suit discards a black T-shirt as she walks along a sandy beach next to an urban walking path and calm water.

This photo is your reminder that you do not need to cover up your body. You are allowed to wear anything

15. “Autumn Exploration” 2016

Image description: A woman is standing in the rain in her barefeet. There autumn leaves on the ground and she has purple painted toes and is wearing jeans. The ground is wet with rain.

A fat woman is shown from the shins down standing on a concrete sidewalk on a rainy fall day amid raindrop ripples and orange oak leaves. Her bare toes are painted red, and her feet are adorned with a tattoo and visible spider veins.

This photo reminds us to make the best of the rainy days.

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