Huge Tracts of Land: The Lingerie, Bra and Panty Guide for Plus Sizes

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“The truth is, the other person in your bed is just so happy that you want to have SEX with them that they aren’t focused on your imperfections. They are INTO you, and into the fact that you are into them sexually. Live out loud and let go of your insecurities, and that is when your sex life can become smoking hot. 

It’s when you are ready to be NAKED in the emotional way as well as the physical way that it gets really good.”

» Chrystal Bougon

Bodies. We’ve all got ’em, and we all deserve to flaunt ’em. If you’ve ever been part of a Facebook discussion where 99% of the clothing stores people recommend are way too small for you, this is your fat-positive roundup of plus-size and extended plus-size Valentine’s Day and everyday lingerie and underwear.

I’ve listed the largest size each store and website carries so you don’t have to hunt for size charts, plus a brief description of what the business carries. I’ve broken down your options into three categories: Large Fat (size 32+), Medium Fat (24-32), and Small Fat (18-24). Some people in the “large fat” arena also identify as superfat, infinifat (coined by Ash at The Fat Lip), or deathfat (because of the difficulty those of us at higher weights have in accessing healthcare, and to thumb our noses at the concept of being so fat we should have keeled over dead five minutes ago).

Some people who wear plus sizes identify with these labels, and some don’t. Either way is fine! If these category names don’t resonate with you, just look for the number sizing. No matter what terms you prefer, this resource list is an excellent source of sexy lingerie to wear for boudoir photo shoots, special occasions or everyday luxury.

Fattest folks to the front of the line, please!

And because I’m tired of the fattest folks always having to look at the back of every clothing rack, scroll to the end of every list, and deal with the good stuff always being out of stock, I’m covering the largest-available sizes first. When you find your size category, all the categories beneath it on the page should work for you, too. (All sizing below is American sizing.)

Interested in Australian lingerie resources? Check out Dani Adriana’s Aussie lingerie spreadsheet.

Large Fat Lingerie: Sizes 32 and Up

Plus-size lingerie company Bawdy Love. A fat white woman is shown walking the runway at a fashion show in a purple lace bra and black BDSM-style harness.

Bawdy Love

Bawdy Love’s website is currently down. Hopefully they’ll be back!

Largest size: Custom measurements
Smallest size: Custom measurements
Size chart: None

Price range: Around $95-165

I’ve got a little crush on Candace and Gwynedh, the Seattle-based creators of Bawdy Love Clothing, for their sheer level of genius in designing searingly-hot harnesses that are not only custom sized, but flexible enough to accommodate changes in weight and body size.

Shop: Bawdy Love

Big Tights Company

Largest size: 36/38
Smallest size: 6/8
Size chart

Price range: Around £17-50

If you’re a knowledgeable tights consumer, this British company is for you, with tights, stockings and other lingerie organized by denier. The site also offers anti-chafing slip shorts.

Shop: The Big Tights Company

Cristina Aielli

Largest size: Made to measure
Smallest size: Made to measure
Size chart: None

Price range: Around $55-650

These stunning, intricate pieces of lingerie are handcrafted in Italy by a designer who makes every pieces to the customer’s measurements.

Shop: Cristina Aielli

Panty Drop

Largest size: 8X (custom measurements)
Smallest size: XXS (waist: 25″)
Size chart

Price range: Around $8-45

Traditionally, when brands extend their sizing from exclusively straight sizing, the plus sizes are made by the brands just grading measurements up from their existing smaller sizes. This method doesn’t consider the plus-size community’s incredibly diverse proportions, with certain brands only using one or two fit models to help develop their extended sizing. promises to provide optimized front coverage, full back coverage, a stay-up waistband, and wider leg openings for larger sizes.

Shop: Panty Drop

Goldies Vintage

Largest size: custom measurements
Smallest size: custom measurements
Sizes Available on Each Product

Price range: Around $8-45

The Etsy shop carries a range of pieces that are all custom-made in various sizes. They have vintage pieces and lingerie that are both comfortable and sexy,

Shop: Goldies Vintage on Etsy

Cheek Boss

Largest size: XXXXL (bust: 57-60″, hip: 65-69″)
Smallest size: XXS (bust: 29-31″ hip: 30-34″)
Size chart

Price range: Around $8-45

Cheek Boss was built on the idea that representation, inclusivity, and body positivity matter in both fashion & media. Their goal is to create a positive and safe community for their customers where they feel respected, represented, and heard. Because everyBODY and BOOTY deserve cute cheeks!

Shop: Cheek Boss

A thin white woman's torso is shown with a Decent Exposures Un-Bra in mint blue.

Decent Exposures

Largest size: 60L plus custom measurements
Smallest size: 30AA plus custom measurements
Fitting tips (Size chart is located on each product page)

Price range: Around $37-91

Decent Exposures is all about bras that are actually comfortable. They offer several bra styles, and will customize both the size and materials of each bra for a perfect fit that takes factors like arm hole size and latex allergies into account. This Seattle-based company also offers in-store fittings.

Shop: Decent Exposures

Donatella’s Plus Size Hosiery

Largest size: 7X
Smallest size: 1X
Size chart

Price range: Around $6-16

Donatella’s offers petite plus and tall plus sizes, a rarity in the plus-size apparel world, and allows customers to sort their tights by plain, patterned, thigh highs and others.

Shop: Donatella’s

A black illustration on a white background shows three pairs of panties and an apron hanging from a laundry line. The text reads, Carol Ann's Dry Apron Panties.

Dry Apron Panties

Largest size: 81″ hips
Smallest size: 46.5″ hips
Size chart

Price range: Around $35

CarolAnn Bauer is doing something to care for very large bodies that no one else is doing: creating panties for bodies with tummies that overlap the pubic area. These unique panties have a panel that helps prevent chafing and skin rashes.

Shop: Dry Apron Panties

Five white women ranging in size from very thin to medium fat stand against a gray background. They're each wearing matching purple bra and panty sets and look relaxed and happy.

Ewa Michalak

Largest size: Custom sizing on bras; briefs and thongs up to 50″ hips
Smallest size: 31″ hips
Size chart

Price range: Around $10-105

This Polish designer offers carefully-constructed bras in full bust, large band and custom sizes. There’s also a super cute pin-up bra design and a cute plus-size babydoll offered on the site.

Shop: Ewa Michalakj


Largest size: 54DDD bra
Smallest size: 28AA bra
Size chart

Price range: Around $7-203

This UK/US brand focuses on lingerie, bras, panties and swimwear, with a highlight on designer brands. As of the time of writing this, they have some larger-bodied models on their homepage, which is a nice touch of inclusivity.

Shop: FigLeaves

Her Room - alternative to Victoria's Secret for plus sizes. Six pieces of underwear and swimwear are shown on thin white models on a white background: A lavender bra, a black translucent robe, a blue and white striped pair of panties, a blue and white striped bra, a black polka dot swimsuit with a shoulder ruffle, and a floral patterned swimsuit.

Her Room

Largest size: 58″ band, N cup
Smallest size: 28″ band, AA cup
Size chart

Price range: Around $15-299

One of the largest bra shops online, Her Room carries a vast bra selection and is one of the best bets for hard-to-find sizes like mine. Their search allows you to find up to a 58″ band and N cup. I’m a little skeptical of their universal sizing, which didn’t seem to work at my bra size, but I appreciate that it exists.

Shop: Her Room

Bubble Gum Boxer Briefs XXS-4X image 0

In Your Pants Intimates

Largest size: 6X (57″ underbust, 80″ bust) plus custom measurements
Size chart on individual items

Price range: Around $25-30

This queer, body-positive lingerie maker offers handmade undies in fun fabrics including Pride and holiday themes.

Shop: In Your Pants Intimates on Etsy and Shopify

Plus size lingerie company Hourglass Lingerie. Six types of underwear are shown on a white background: a dark purple bra, a white bustier, a black sports bra, a red longline bra and garter belt set, a pink nursing bra, and a tan strapless bra.

Hourglass Lingerie

Largest sizes: Nursing bras up to a US J cup and a U.K. J cup, bra sized swimwear up to a UK “K” cup, sports bras up to a U.K. “K” cup, any bra shape and style up to a US “O” cup and UK “K” cup, sexy lingerie up to a 4X
Smallest size: Unknown
Size guide

Price range: Around $10-80

“Being a curvy girl, I struggled with fit and support all my life, at a 36J , I was wearing a 38DDD, which was horrible, playing sports was brutal as well as formal events at school. As I got older I started ordering my bras from U.K because they had larger cup sizes, well that turned hellish as customs and time were not in my favor. This is what prompted me to start Hourglass Lingerie. To help EVERY woman get the perfect fitted bra, not the perfect bra, but the perfectly FITTED bra!

I have been in business for over 8 years, we are a small family run business in Baltimore MD, we have a boutique feel with a warehouse inventory! Our sizes range from 28-56 A-O cups. Although, we have every size range our niche is full figured/ full busted, as this size can’t be handled everywhere properly. This range is where I love doing my fittings, seeing the difference in the way ladies look and feel when being properly fitted puts a smile on my face every day, and knowing I am helping them find the support they have been after for years.”

» Dawn Mumaw, owner and operator or Hourglass Lingerie

This small business in Maryland is passionate about helping women who struggle to find bras that actually fit. Dawn started her business out of that same struggle, and it’s nice to see a business that focuses on large bra sizes.

Shop: Hourglass Lingerie

Plus size lingerie company Impish Lee. A woman with brown skin and bushy hair stands in front of a white wall next to a miniature tree. She is wearing a light blue bra, white lace panties, a white lace garter belt, and stockings.

Impish Lee

Largest size: Custom measurements
Smallest size: 0 (31″ bust, 35″ hips)
Size chart

Price range: Around $58-138

Impish Lee offers beautiful lingerie for all sizes. The site carries bras and lingerie up to a 44J and 59″ waist, and you can easily order a completely custom piece to your measurements as well right through the site. The designs are original and refreshing, and they’ve pulled in some actual plus-size folks as models (primarily Corissa Enneking of Fat Girl Flow).

Here’s a review of Impish Lee’s summer collection over at The Curvy Fashionista.

Shop: Impish Lee

JunoActive Active

Largest size: 6X or 38/40 (64-66″ bust, 68-70″ hip)
Smallest size: 1X or 14/16 (40-42″ bust, 44-46″ hip)
Size chart

Price range: Around $30-120

I’ve long associated this stalwart brand with just activewear, so it was a lovely surprise to discover their bra selection. JunoActive has a reputation for somewhat expensive, but sturdy and high-quality gear.

Shop: JunoActive


Largest size: 3X (50.5″-52.5″ bust, 24.5″-25.5″ waist) plus custom measurements
Smallest size: XS (32.5″-33.5″ bust, 42.5″-44.5″ waist)
Size chart

Price range: Around $28-65

Savage X Fenty has disrupted the lingerie industry and redefined sexy. With accessible price points and an extensive assortment of fashion-forward styles, the brand celebrates fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity. From everyday staples to provocative pieces, Savage X Fenty has something for every mood, every vibe and every BODY.

Shop: SAVAGE X FENTY Lingerie by Rihanna

Origami Customs lingerie. Three photos are shown. In the first, three thin and smallfat women are shown in an urban studio. One is wearing a bodycon dress and two are wearing bra and panty sets. In the second photo, a thin white woman stands in front of a window filled with plants, wearing a strappy bra, panty and harness set, and holds a skull. In the third photo, a woman of color relaxes on a couch in front of a white wall. She is wearing a black bra and skirt and her legs are bare.

Origami Customs

Largest size: 5XL (60″ chest, 63″ hip) plus custom measurements
Smallest size: XXS (30″ chest, 33″ hip)
Size chart

Price range: Around $28-65

One of the most socially-conscious lingerie and swimwear brands I’ve come across, Origami Customs makes lingerie designed for all genders. The owner says, “As a Non-Binary Queer Femme with a Transmasculine partner, I care deeply about the needs of the community, which is why I offer completely customizable items for people across the gender spectrum.”

All items are handmade in Montreal and sustainable “slow fashion.” This is a great option for plus-size queer and trans folks.

Shop: Origami Customs


Largest size: Free Custom Sizing
Smallest size: Free Custom Sizing
Size chart

PennyBun is a one-woman show owned and operated by Los Angeles-based designer Dani Dartnell. All creations are small-batch or one of a kind, and hand-made. This allows for products to be size-inclusive across the board, and always exactly what you want.

Price range: Around $20-70

Shop: PennyBun

Shapeshifters inclusive binders and sports bras.


Largest size: Custom measurements
Smallest size: Custom measurements
Price range: Around $10-55

This small-business, “rainbow-flavored” duo Eli and Krista are doing binders right — and gorgeously. Each binder, crop top and sports bra is handmade to custom measurements in a variety of styles and materials. Check out the mermaid scale and cosplay styles!

Shop: Shapeshifters

Plus size lingerie company SmartGlamour. The image shows six women sitting on a couch, with skin tones from very pale to dark brown. Each one is wearing a bra and panty set in material that approximates their skin tone. They all look happy and relaxed.


Largest size: 15X+ (86-88″ bust, 88-90″ hip) and custom measurements
Smallest size: XXS (30-31″ bust, 31-33″ hip)
Size chart

Price range: Around $8-70

SmartGlamour is a body liberation activist’s dream: clothing truly designed for ALL bodies, custom measurements offered, and models in lots of sizes and shapes. Owner Mallorie Dunn says:

“SmartGlamour is for everyone – truly. So why wouldn’t our models represent that visually? On this website you’ll find people of all shapes, sizes, heights, weights, ability, ethnicity, age, and identity.

There is not a single person who is not welcome to model for us. We will never crop out our model’s heads, make them model without their glasses, or depict them in a negative, weak, angry, or bored light. Our models are also never, ever photoshopped or airbrushed.”

» Mallorie Dunn

Not only does SmartGlamour have a healthy line of lingerie and intimates available for an indie designer, the mesh neutral bras and panties are now offered in six shades of “nude” to complement a wide variety of skin tones.

Shop: SmartGlamour

Snag Tights

Largest size: 32
Smallest size: 2
Size chart

Price range: Around $10-14

Normal tights vary in length, but not by width, which is why it can be such a struggle to find tights that actually fit. Snag’s tights are genuinely different sizes, which means they vary in height, width and around the waist so they fit every body shape.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Snag from the plus-size fashion community. In addition to plain and patterned tights in a variety of fun colors, Snag also offers fishnets and chub rub shorts.

Shop: Snag Tights

Wilde Mode

Largest size: 10XL (65-67″ underbust, 92-103″ overbust)
Smallest size: XXXS (25-26″ underbust, 26-29″ overbust)
Size chart

Price range: Around $10-40

Wilde Mode makes colourful and ethical, vegan and gender- and size-inclusive products, from underwear to bespoke designs, supporting and celebrating its core customers from the LGBT community and people with chronic and mental illnesses.

Shop: Wilde Mode

Tamara Malas

Largest size: 30/32 (waist: 51-56″; hip: 63-67″)
Size chart

Price range: Around $50-150

Tamara Malas size chart ranges from 6-32, with plans to extend soon. Each piece of clothing is handmade ethically and responsibly through close partnerships with small factories, both in NYC and abroad. 

Shop: Tamara Malas

A Black model with red hair and a purple underwear set on looks confidently at the camera

Chub Rub Clothing

Largest size: 4/5 (Bust 46-64” Underbust 44-54” Hip 50-76”)
Smallest size: 0/1 (Bust 36-48” Underbust 34-44” Hip 40-60”)
Size chart shown for each item

Price range: $80-$95

Chub Rub has a selection of fun and beautiful lingerie, most of which can double as swimwear! (They also have super cute tee shirts) and their model selection is top knotch.

Shop: Chub Rub Clothing

Let’s dig deep.

Every Monday, I send out my Body Liberation Guide, a thoughtful email jam-packed with resources for changing the way you see your own body and the bodies you see around you. And it’s free. Let’s change the world together.

Medium Fat Lingerie: Sizes 24-32

Love, Vera

Largest size: 4X or 22/24 (51-54″ bust, 50-52″ hip)
Smallest size: XS or 0/2 (30-32″ bust, 32-24″ hip)
Size chart

Price range: Around $30-75

Love, Vera is closing the opportunity gap for black women in fashion and raising the bar for representation & inclusivity. The name stems from the love that Vera maintains for others and its limitless power as a problem solver, peacemaker, and unifier. We welcome you – no matter your race, color, creed, or orientation.

Black women make things cool, but remain outsiders to leadership and business opportunities in fashion. Love, Vera is going to change that.

Shop: Love, Vera

Bear Skn

A smallfat white man is shown standing in boxers and winter gloves outside against a backdrop of mountains in the sun. He's wearing sunglasses and a furry hat, and holding a camping mug.

Largest size: 6X (60″ waist)
Smallest size: S (28″ waist)
Size chart is located on each product page

Price range: $20-25

I’m married to a fellow who wears the high end of plus size (or rather, big and tall) himself, and his experience in finding underwear is way, way harder than it should be. We femme folks have a much easier time of it these days, because at least we have options. Masculine undie options are (way too) slowly increasing, though, and Bear Skn is standing above the crowd at the moment with cute, butter-soft boxers and briefs up to 6X (about a 60″ waist). I found that these boxers gave my cis female wide hips a wedgie, but they work perfectly on my cis male hubby.

These pieces are somewhat delicate, so definitely hand wash and air dry them, and don’t go sitting on concrete in your bare Bear Skns. With proper care they last quite a while, though, and the Bear Skn folks have been fantastic about replacing a couple of pairs that wore out way too soon.

Shop: Get 20% off at Bear Skn

Bare Necessities

Largest size: 42H (cup size)
Smallest size: AA (cup size)
Fit Guide

Price range: $32-74

Bare Necessities sells a collection of lingerie from many different designers. You’ll find an extensive range of lingerie types here, with lots of options in the brand’s plus-size lingerie section. If a leather-trimmed bodysuit with a built-in harness is your style, you can find that at Bare Necessities. If you prefer a simple, see-through robe, you can get that here too. You can even get a full-body, crotchless fishnet suit.

Shop: Bare Necessities

Catherines - alternative to Victoria's Secret for plus size lingerie. A white woman with brown hair stands on a white backdrop. She is wearing a floral babydoll nightgown and kimono robe.


Largest size: 6X (38, 65″ bust, 69″ hip)
Smallest size: 0X (14/16, 41″ bust, 45″ hip)
Size chart

Price range: Around $9-70

I wouldn’t have thought of the generally-frumpy chain Catherines as a source for hot plus-size lingerie, but occasionally these folks have a major breakout in the sexy department. I haven’t been in their brick-and-mortar stores in years, but I bought a smoking hot silver crushed-velvet babydoll and robe from their website last year, and it looks like they’ve gotten in on bralettes recently too. Worth an occasional look.

Shop: Catherines

Curvy Girl Lingerie

Largest size: 28/30
Smallest size: 12/14
Size chart: Depends on brand

Price range: Around $22-60

Curvy Girl is one of my favorite lingerie stores. They carry up to size 28/30, and the owner Chrystal is unapologetically fat positive. That means there’s no body shaming in their materials or promotions, and the blog is full of rare, amazing practical advice on sex for fat bodies (and sex toy reviews like my own review of the Womanizer Plus). Chrystal also actively advocates for manufacturers to expand their size ranges, heading to trade shows every year to talk directly with the manufacturers’ reps about the wide-open opportunities to capture the market for plus-size lingerie.

Shop: Curvy Girl Lingerie

A woman with medium brown skin and black hair holds a finger to her mouth. She's wearing a white Elomi bra and standing in front of a white marble backdrop. To her right is a photo of black leaves on a white sky. To her left is a blue feather with the word "Morgan" on top.


Largest size: 46K bras, 4X or 18 apparel
Smallest size: 32D
Fitting guide

Price range: Around $10-48

Elomi is Wacoal’s bra line for larger busts, and many of my friends swear by them. The company’s description says, “Elomi lingerie is designed for women like you who embrace your curves and make the most of what you have been blessed with.” Since they use smallfat models for many of their pieces, it’s a bit easier to see what the bras might look like on a fat body, and the designs are cute and modern.

Shop: Elomi

Blogger Chaya Milchtein is shown kneeling on a bed. She has pale skin and short brown hair, and is wearing a black lace bodysuit.


Largest size: 32 (63″ bust, 69″ hips) (some lingerie tops out at 22/24)
Smallest size: 12 (41.5″ bust, 45.5″ hips)
Size chart

Price range: Around $45-80

Eloquii is carrying some of 2019’s hottest plus-size lingerie right now, and I’m here for it. Their bodysuits are absolutely stunning. They’re also working with blogger Chaya Milchtein, shown above, to demonstrate how their pieces work on a larger body that’s not an hourglass shape, which is really handy. Representation matters. (Here’s more of Chaya + Eloquii.)

Shop: Eloquii

Hips and Curves - alternative to Victoria's Secret for plus sizes. Six plus-size models are shown on tan backgrounds, each wearing a colorful lace bra.

Hips & Curves

Largest size: 6X (size 30, 62-65″ bust, 66-69″ hips)
Smallest size: M (size 10, 34-37″ bust, 38-41″ hips)
Size chart

Price range: Around $18-52

Hips and Curves was the first appealing plus-size lingerie site I ever encountered, and it remains one of my favorites. The site isn’t as flashy-glamorous as Victoria’s Secret, but in its quiet elegance it treats large bodies as worthy of respect and eschews the tawdriness of the sex-shop-esque sites. I highly recommend Hips & Curves for hosiery, bustiers and costumes.

Shop: Hips & Curves

Lane Bryant - alternative to Victoria's Secret for plus sizes. Four plus-size models, two white women and two women of color, are shown on pink backgrounds. Each is wearing a bra and panty set.

Lane Bryant

Largest size: 32 (60″ bust, 62.5″ hip)
Smallest size: 10 (38″ bust, 40.5″ hip)
Size chart

Price range: Around $17-70

This brick-and-mortar chain is the fat woman’s Old Reliable. Frumpiness levels vary over time, and the quality usually doesn’t match the pricing, but the stores are easily accessible — in almost every mall, and some stand-alone locations — and carry a wide range of sizes. Their new bralette line is worth a look, even for large busts, and they’ve started carrying the strappy-back panties that until a few years ago were limited to straight sizes.

Shop: Lane Bryant

Torrid - alternative to Victoria's Secret for plus sizes. Three women, two white women and one woman of color, are shown on white backgrounds. One is wearing a pink bra and panty set; one is wearing a black bra and panty set with a floral kimono robe; and one is wearing a floral bra and panty set.


Largest size: 6 (6X, size 30, 66-70″ bust, 72-76″ hip)
Smallest size: 00 (M/L, size 10, 38-40″ bust, 42-44″ hip)
Size chart

Price range: Around $10-80

Ahh, Lane Bryant’s younger sister, the mall’s newer standby for plus-size clothing. Torrid has its issues — a yearning to cater to smaller and smaller women, failing to stock their largest sizes in-store — but for trendy plus-size clothing you can actually try on in person, they can’t be beaten. Torrid was one of the first to start offering sexy plus-size bralettes, and they’ve been carrying smoking-hot lingerie forever. I recommend shopping their website for a better selection.

Shop: Torrid

Emma Alamo

Largest size: 26-28 (Size 4X; bust: 55-58″ waist: 49-52″ hips: 58-62″)
Smallest size: 0-2 (Size XS; bust: 31-33″ waist: 24-26″ hips: 34-36″)
Size chart

Price range: Around $4-385

Emma Alamo creates custom handmade leather harnesses for queers and femmes. She designs her harness for fashion and function and customizes them to all body types. Emma Alamo makes strong, hand-made, quality harnesses. Their stuff is not bulky, has a strong femme vibe to it, but it’s also functional. It’s not going to fall apart.

Shop: EmmaAlamo

Ashley Stewart

Largest size: 26(Size 4X; bust: 53.5″ waist: 45″ hips: 56″)
Smallest size: 12 (Size XL; bust: 40″ waist: 31.5″ hips: 58-62″)
Size chart

Price range: Around $40-50

The outfits are primarily belly-covering bodysuits and teddies, but anyone looking for something more revealing can also find a formfitting, see-through baby doll with garters.

Shop: Ashley Stewart

Image description: A person wearing brown chub rub shorts
Image description: A person wearing brown chub rub shorts

Thigh Society

Largest size: 6XL
Smallest size: XS
Size Chart

Price range: Around $40

These are primarily chub rub shorts in neutral colors; their model selection is disappointing. We saw fatter models in a mouseover of one product, but when we went to find the picture, they weren’t on the actual listing.

Shop: Thigh Society

Image description: A person wearing a black bra with printed lace flowers on the cups
Image description: A person wearing a black bra with printed lace flowers on the cups

Her Room

Largest size: Size charts on each item
Smallest size: Size charts on each item

Price range: $13-300

Quite an array of bras and panties in many styles and colors, even hosiery! Sadly, the model selection is disappointing once again.

Shop: HerRoom

Image description: A fat white person with red hair poses in a matching set of blue bra and panties
Image description: A fat white person with red hair poses in a matching set of blue bra and panties

Hey Mavens!

Largest size: 10XL/56″ Hip
Smallest size: XXS/30″ Hip
Size Chart

Price range: Around $50-60

Bras and panties in a dizzying array of colors and styles! The model selection here is MUCH better when models are used on the listings; they also have a section of their site devoted to people modeling their wares on Instagram, which is FUN to page through. So many styles!

Shop: Hey Mavens!

Image description: Flowers and leaves in the foreground of picture person wearing underwear with lace insets and mushroom print
Image description: Flowers and leaves in the foreground of picture person wearing underwear with lace insets and mushroom print

Le Fae Rouge

Largest size: 28-32
Smallest size: 0-4
Size Chart

Price Range: Around $35-55

“Specializing in unique, inclusive underwear designed by and made for humans of all genders and sizes, Custom sizing available upon request at no additonal cost.” There’s a variety of cuts and styles in all manner of fun, spooky, and nerdy patterns.

Shop: Le Fae Rouge

Image description: A pair of legs posing in black and white striped tights
Image description: A pair of legs posing in black and white striped tights

We Love Colors

Largest & Smallest Sizes vary by item, as do the size charts.
Trigger Warning: Their size charts reference height and specific weight as its measurements.

Price Range: Around $16-50

Tights and dancewear in many many colors and levels of opacity — Sheer tights, opaque leggings, gloves, and more! Their model selection is disappointing, as is their choice of size chart measurements.

Shop: We Love Colors

Image description: A fat person wearing red lipstick and glasses wears a cream colored bra
Image description: A fat person wearing red lipstick and glasses wears a cream colored bra


Largest size: 5X
Smallest size: XS
Size chart available on each item

Price range: Around $74

Bras in a variety of styles and cuts, and some can be worn more than one way. Also, the model selection is…okay!

Shop: Freelabel

Let’s dig deep.

Every Monday, I send out my Body Liberation Guide, a thoughtful email jam-packed with resources for changing the way you see your own body and the bodies you see around you. And it’s free. Let’s change the world together.

Small Fat Lingerie: Sizes 18-24

Eight plus-size models are shown in a series of product images from Addition Elle. Two images are of a woman of color. They are all wearing a variety of neutrally-toned bras and panties.

Addition Elle

Largest size: 26, 4X, or 56″ hips

I’m going to be honest here: I always forget that Addition Elle exists, so I’ve yet to shop with them. Their lingerie line seems to be in line with Simply Be’s offerings: simple and elegant bras, panties, robes and babydolls.

Shop: Addition Elle

Adore Me - alternative to Victoria's Secret for plus size lingerie. A plus-size model with brown skin and dark brown hair poses in front of a pale pink background, wearing a red lace teddy.

Adore Me

Largest size: 46G

Offering sizes up to 46G, Adore Me is a nice new option for unique bras and panties. When I searched for the closest equivalent to my size, a 44DD, over 100 options came up. The company also offers a monthly plus-size lingerie box of the “pay for what you keep and send the rest back” variety, a nice option for those of us sized out of mainstream versions of these curated boxes.

Shop: Adore Me


Largest size: 40L
Smallest size: 28D
Price range: Around $18-80

This British brand’s motto is “Inspiring big boobed women to feel amazing!” Topping out at a 40″ band, they specialize in smaller band and larger cup sizes, and are a highly-recommended bra source for smallfat folks and in-betweenies.

Shop: Bravissimo

A thin white woman in a Freya bikini rides a bicycle past tropical palm trees, followed by a thin black woman on another bicycle wearing a t-shirt and shorts.


Largest size: 44O bras, XXL panties
Smallest size:
Size chart

Price range:

Another Wacoal brand, Freya focuses more on thin women and small in-betweenies. In addition to bras, Freya offers lingerie, swimwear and sportswear.

Shop: Freya

Two transgender people are shown on gray backgrounds wearing chest binders from gc2b. One has medium brown skin and black hair; the other has pale skin and dark brown hair.


Largest size: 5X, or 52″ chest

Founded in 2015, gc2b is a trans-owned company based in Maryland. gc2b’s founder, CEO, and designer, Marli Washington, saw that the only binding options were uncomfortable and inadequate compression shirts designed for cis men. As a University of the Arts Industrial Design graduate, he used his experience in product design and his back ground in textiles to provide accessible, comfortable, and safe binding options designed by trans people, for trans people. gc2b binders were the first garments designed and patented specifically for gender-affirming chest binding.

Shop: gc2b

A smallfat white woman lounges on a rock in the middle of a stream or river, wearing a red lacy JBC Lingerie bra and panties and large 80s-style glasses.

JBC Lingerie

Largest size: Aus 20 underwear (about a US 16), 43″ underbust bras, plus custom measurements

Their regular offerings top out at around a US size 16, but this Aussie brand promises custom garments at no extra charge. And how good is it to see a cover model with pendant breasts?? Amazing!

Shop: JBC Lingerie

Six women and a baby are shown on a white background. All are white and have a variety of body sizes, and one is using a wheelchair. They're wearing a Wonder Woman-themed bra and panty set from Molke.


Largest size: 46N, UK 26/28 (about a US 22/24)

Any store with Wonder Woman-inspired undies is good by me! And Molke delivers with some really cute designs, all created in the UK with sustainable cotton and low waste.

Shop: Molke

Playful Promises lingerie. Four models, ranging from very thin to plus size, are shown in product images on a variety of dark urban backdrops. All are wearing strappy, lacy bra and panty sets.

Playful Promises

Largest size: 26

Playful Promises is a London designed lingerie brand, which mixes quirky, directional design with all things playful, flirty and even a little bit dirty. Their lingerie tends toward the elegantly strappy side, and they’ve collaborated with Gabi Fresh.

Shop: Playful Promises

Eight pink and red bras on a white background.

Rose & Thorne

Largest size: 46H

This New Zealand brand specializes in bras with a wide range of beautiful laces and layers: not too many boring one-color cover-ups here.

Shop: Rose & Thorne

Blogger Chaya Milchtein is shown standing in front of a door. She has pale skin and short brown hair, and is wearing a green, pink and blue paisley babydoll.

SexyPlus Lingerie

Largest size: 5X or 66″ hip on lingerie

SexyPlus focuses on, you guessed it, sexy plus-size clothing. Though their clothing line doesn’t seem to extend beyond a 3X, their lingerie goes up to 5X and offers some unique options. Shown above is blogger Chaya Milchtein — she also has some great unisex Valentine’s gift ideas.

Shop: SexyPlus

Sock Dreams - alternative to Victoria's Secret for plus size lingerie. A fat person with pale skin is shown from the waist down in two views. They are wearing a T-shirt, black polka dot shorts, white tights, and black shoes with a cat design, and standing on a sidewalk with a white fence.

Sock Dreams

Largest size: 24-32, depending on the item

It may seem strange to include a socks-only shop in an underwear roundup, but socks count as undies too, and Sock Dreams is the place to go for them. Not only does this Portland, OR-based store carry a huge range of plus-size socks online, they test them on actual large bodies and then report in detail on the fit. If you’re able to take your own body measurements, you’ll be able to see exactly which items will fit you — no more guessing and then not being able to return ill-fitting items. (They’re even carrying the wonderful We Love Colors plus-size tights these days.)

Shop: Sock Dreams

The booties of two white models, one thin and one fat, are shown in Tomboy X boxers with conversation heart candy print.

Tomboy X

Largest size: 4X (26/28, 55-56″ hip)
Smallest size: XS (33-34″ hip)

Price range: Around $20-36

Non-binary and Gender nonconforming people deserve to have underwear options too, and Tomboy X delivers up to a 4X (about a size 26/28). This new-ish LGBT-affirming company is dedicated to offering sustainably-made, eco-friendly undies that are also pretty darn cute. Their 9″ boxer briefs are the only ones I’ve tried that don’t give me a massive wedgie, and the 4X fits my 58″ waist. I wear them under jeans to prevent chafing, but they’d be hella sexy for a person-next-door boudoir session, too. (See some of their goods on a plus-size woman of color.)

Shop: Tomboy X

A woman with light brown skin and brown hair is shown in three different images, wearing black or red lace lingerie from Unlucky Lingerie.

Unlucky Lingerie

Largest size: 44G or 24

Possibly my favorite lingerie designs in this entire guide, and the one I most wish was more inclusive in their sizing. Gorgeous designs! More about them: “Favouring black, like your ex’s soul, the garments are constructed with sheer mesh, vintage lace and, jersey fabrics. Pops of colour can be seen through out the collection, and the individual samples are often reflective of rainbows, opting for constructed vintage garments and every day wear.”

Shop: Unlucky Lingerie

Uye Surana lingerie. Two models are shown on a pink background, one smallfat blonde woman in a black bra and fishnet tights and one thin redheaded woman in a pink bra. Text below the photos reads, Up to 65% off! Shop the sale.

Uye Surana

Largest size: 42H bras, 3X apparel (20/22)

This hip New York brand caters to thin women and in-betweenies with strappy, lacy and mesh-y bras, panties, and lingerie. They also offer soft swing and tent dresses and tank tops.

Shop: Uye Surana

Eight plus-size models are shown on white backgrounds in images from Voluptuous Clothing, wearing black, red or purple lingerie.

Voluptuous Clothing

Largest size: 24

Voluptuous is a clothing store that’s pretty unashamed of catering to curvy women (up to a 24, at any rate), so their lingerie is smoking hot and inspired by runway trends.

Shop: Voluptuous Clothing

Yandy - alternative to Victoria's Secret for plus sizes. A plus-size white model poses on a white background. She is wearing a black bodycon dress with see-through areas.


Yandy lacks the dignity of Hips & Curves and the personal touch of Curvy Girl, but for smaller plus sizes and straight sizes, Yandy is a gold mine of sultry lingerie and dresses.

Shop: Yandy

Is there another store that should be on this list? Where do you find your cute plus-size undies and lingerie? Let me know in the comments!

Special thanks to Juana Tango and Hannah Schnabel for their great suggestions for this resource guide.

Fashion Nova

Largest size: XL(Size 15) (bust: 39-41 inches; waist: 32 inches; hips: 41 inches)
Smallest size: XS (bust: 31 to 33 inches; waist: 24 to 25 inches; hips 33 to 34 inches)
Size chart

Price range: Around $6-80

Fashion Nova is the world’s leading quick-to-market apparel and lifestyle brand. We are renowned for delivering the season’s most-wanted styles to millions of people worldwide, which earned us the title of the #1 Most-Searched Fashion Brand on Google in 2018.

Shop: Fashion Nova

Solstice Intimates

Largest size: 3X(Size 20/22) (cup: F/G inches; waist: 40-42″; hips: 48.5-50.5″)
Smallest size: XS (cup: AA/A; waist: 24-24.5; hips 34.5-36″)
Size chart

Price range: Around $20-235

Solstice features underwear in a variety of cuts and shapes; their model selection is not great overall but they DO offer custom sizing.

Shop: Solstice Intimates

A fat white woman wearing a mesh lace bodysuit

Thistle and Spire

Largest size: 3X(22/24 Panties, Bodysuits etc 51-55″ Bust, 43-47″ Waist, 54-58″ Hip) F-G (Bralettes, 49-50″ Bust, 40-42″ Underbust)
Smallest size: XS(0/2 Panties Bodysuits etc 32-34″ Bust, 24-26″ Waist, 35-37″ Hip) A (Bralettes, 32-33″ Bust, 24-26″ Underbust)
Size chart

Price range: Around $20-118

Thistle and Spire carries beautiful delicate designs featuring straps and lace and mesh, oh my! Their size selection is…okay, and their model selection is…okay.

Shop: Thistle and Spire

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