Dealing with Diet Culture and Fatphobia at the Holidays Workshop (Ragen Chastain)


With family gatherings, work parties, New Years bashes, New Years Resolutions, and a ton of diet ads… the holiday season can be a perfect storm of diet culture, weight stigma, and other nonsense. You’ll leave this workshop with perspectives, reframes, tips, tricks, and practical techniques to help you deal with everything from holiday diet ads to workplace weight loss talk to the family and friends food police so that you can have a happy holiday season on our own terms – whether you celebrate any holidays or not.

Topics will include:

  • Things we can do now to decrease fatphobic nonsense at the holidays
  • Handling the “Family and Friends Food Police” and body shame brigade
  • Dealing with holiday diet talk at work, events etc. (in person or virtual)
  • Fat-friendly events – creating events that are fat accommodating (in person or on Zoom!) and what to do when you’re attending one that isn’t
  • What to do about all those frickin’ diet ads
  • Dealing with passive aggressive holiday fat shaming (gift membership to a diet club, I’m looking at you…)
  • Keeping diet culture out of our New Year’s resolutions