Weight Stigma and Capitalism Workshop (Ragen Chastain)


In the Fatphobia and Capitalism workshop, we’ll talk about how they intersect to create harm in the lives of fat people in everything from fashion to healthcare. In this talk we’ll take an introductory look at the ways that capitalism and fatphobia (intersecting with other forms of oppression) combine to create marginalization and harm, and we’ll take a deep dive into the ways that the diet industry has put their profits over fat people’s health and lives, including by hijacking the concepts of health and healthcare. Finally, we’ll discuss ways to mitigate that harm, and create change.

Topics will include:

  • How industries, from fashion to travel and more, align with fatphobia for profit
  • Impacts of capitalism and fatphobia on employment, pay and promotion
  • How the diet industry manipulates the concept of health/healthcare funding
  • How the diet industry infiltrates the healthcare industry, harming fat people for profit
  • How we can spot these issues when they are happening
  • Realistic strategies to cope now and to create long-term change.