When Good Friends Do Bad Diets Workshop (Ragen Chastain)


In the When Good Friends Do Bad Diets workshop, we talk about how the diet industry is doing everything it can to convince all of us to make another (ultimately doomed) weight loss attempt. Even when we aren’t fooled, often our nearest and dearest are still riding the diet roller coaster. And typically that means that they want to talk about it – anywhere and everywhere – in ways that can be anything from annoying to harmful. In this workshop we’ll talk about options for dealing with this in all the scenarios that we may find ourselves in.

Topics Include:

  • Workplace diet talk
  • Workplace weight loss challenges
  • When you want to keep the friendship but need to lose the diet talk
  • Dealing with diet talk within your family
  • What if my partner decides to diet?
  • Diet talk and before/after pictures on social media
  • How to handle heroes and celebrities we’re fans of going on diets
  • How/when to tell people the truth about diets
  • How/when to talk about Health At Every Size
  • Protecting ourselves when we can’t avoid diet talk