Scripts for Allies: Please Clothe My Fat Friend!

As we explore the concept of thin privilege and how it affects everyday life over on Instagram, one of the most common questions I receive is, “What am I supposed to do about it?”

None of us are singlehandedly responsible for changing entire cultures and systems of oppression, but each of us can take small steps that add up over time. And those steps are much easier when someone else can show us the way.

Here is a script you can use to email your favorite fashion retailer to ask them to expand (or create) plus sizes. (I’ll provide a script for plus-size folks to use in an upcoming post.)

An email script for allies to ask for expanded apparel sizing

? What: A script for asking clothing stores to expand their sizing

? Who should use this script: People who live in smaller bodies

? Why you should use this script: Because plus-size folks deserve to have access to the same range of clothing options that people in smaller bodies do

? How you should use this script:

  • Email or call stores’ corporate headquarters directly (individual stores may have no say in what they carry)
  • Approach store managers to have this discussion (NOT front-line employees, who have little to no power)
  • Skip posting on stores’ social media posts: that feedback generally doesn’t affect store strategies

Subject line: [Store Name] + my plus-size friends

Dear [Store],

I’ve been a loyal customer of yours for years. I especially love buying [item you like]. I wear smaller sizes, but recently I’ve noticed that you [don’t carry plus sizes/carry limited plus sizes/don’t carry this item in plus sizes].

I’d love for my plus-size friends to have access to [fashionable clothing/high-quality swimsuits/etc.], too. And not just on your website, but in stores, where larger people can try on pieces just like I can. In a perfect world, I’d love to see you offer up to a size 10X or 40 so that everyone can be included.

When can I expect to see larger sizes offered so that I can tell all my friends to visit?

[Your Name]

Let’s dig deep.

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