Lindley’s Seattle photography office/studio tour

A still frame from Lindley's photography studio office tour, showing plants and a drawer full of rocks and gemstones.

I was watching artist Jennifer Price Davis’ lovely art studio tour this morning and was inspired to share my own photography office tour. So much of our personalities is shown in our surroundings.

As a photographer, I’m all over the place (literally and probably metaphorically) — I’m photographing in different rooms of my house (which is also my studio), outdoors, on location.

But my office is where I spend most of my time. This is where some of my most precious things live, where my cat Blue hangs out, where I edit photos and post to social media and hold remote client photo reveals.

Aaaaaand also holds remnants of past hobbies I really need to let go of, whew.

Hope you enjoy the tour of my photography office!

If you’re a plant person, here are the plants in the room, more or less corresponding with the video:

  • Marimo balls (in the glass container on the bookshelf)
  • Tradescantia sp.
  • Tradescantia nanouk
  • Jade pothos
  • Boat lily tradescantia (windowsill in the llama)
  • Two more tradescantias, hanging
  • Peperomia ruby cascade and yet another tradescantia, hanging
  • Burro’s tail plant
  • String of hearts
  • String of pearls
  • Moss rose
  • Yet another trad.
  • Last trad. and baby sun rose, hanging
  • In the aquarium: Ferns, creeping fig/ficus, air plants, African violets
  • Under the grow lamp: Hawaiian portulaca, agave geminiflora

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