What might it look like if we established a culture of compensation?

I recently talked about how people who are privileged in a particular area often expect people who are marginalized in that area to educate them, give them ideas and even fix their organizations for free.

I’m also thinking about people like @ragenchastain, who answer literally thousands of emails per month to provide free labor around fat oppression and weight stigma, and what it might look like if instead we had a culture in which it was just expected that requests for labor from marginalized people would be accompanied by payment β€” even just enough to buy a coffee would be a start.

I want us to build a world where it’s embarrassing, or even unacceptable, to ask marginalized people β€” especially strangers β€” to do stuff for free.

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Image description: A teal square with a chat bubble graphic and the words, “What might it look like if we established a culture of compensation?”

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