How to set your freelance and speaking rates

You deserve a living wage for your work.

Let me say that again:

You deserve a living wage for your work.

Even if you’re a creative type.

Even if you’re an artist.

Even if your work is fun, and something you’re passionate about.

Women and gender-non-conforming folks have lots of pressure on us to charge less than what our work is actually worth.

People who come from poor and/or marginalized backgrounds are also less likely to have been exposed to concepts or techniques for negotiating pay, or to have the kinds of social connections that people in other socio-economic demographics do.

Resources alone won’t level the playing field, but knowledge is power.

Here are seven resources on setting your freelance rates, speaking rates and photography pricing that I’ve used and can recommend.

  1. Infographic: How to Calculate Your Freelance Hourly Rate
  2. Don’t undercharge!
  3. What Should I Charge? How to Justify Your Freelance Rates
  4. The Freelancer Rate Calculator
  5. How to set your speaker fee
  6. Marketing salaries for comparison

And for photographers, I recommend The Modern Tog’s pricing workbook. No, it’s not free. Yes, it’s worth the investment.

You are worth charging a price, fee or wage that allows you to live comfortably from your talents and hard work.

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