Thin privilege is never having to choose between wearing a seat belt or a coat.

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Thin privilege is being held to lower dress and grooming standards to look “acceptable” socially, professionally or in public.

When people in small bodies wear clothing that’s loose, baggy, or extremely informal (think jammies, sweatshirts/pants, ripped or torn apparel), it’s seen as slouchy casual. When fat people wear the exact same types of clothing, it’s seen as lazy, sloppy, careless and unappealing.

This is a direct illustration of how some bodies are held to different standards than others. If I have to look twice as put together as someone in a smaller body to be seen as acceptably presentable in public, I’m being forced to spend extra time and resources to be treated the same way a person in a thin body would.

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Privilege is unearned, but it’s not something you need to feel bad or guilty about. Let’s work to extend those privileges to the most marginalized bodies, too.

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