{the daily fat} Fat people deserve access to abortion, Plan B and contraceptives.

A fat white person's back, back rolls and arms seen in a dark room lit by a window, with a large plant on their other side. On their back is a tattoo of a whale with a Bible verse reference.

I’m still over a month behind on all my work due to waves hand at the HAES events of 2022, and I’m still a high-risk person trying to survive a pandemic, so I have nothing intelligent to say about the Supreme Court trashing Roe v. Wade except:

  • Abortion is a human right
  • Abortion cannot be magically replaced by Plan B for fat people
  • Plan B is less effective for anyone over ~165 pounds
  • How much less effective? We don’t know, it hasn’t been studied
  • Contraceptives are also not the answer, since they do fail
  • Fighting for abortion is also an act of allyship to fat folks specifically

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