Portrait & Boudoir FAQ: Hair & Makeup for Your Session | Pacific Northwest body-positive photography

Should you get your hair and makeup done for your session? That depends on you. My clients come to me with full faces of makeup, clean bare skin, and everything in between. There’s no wrong answer, so go with what feels most comfortable to you.

Since not everyone wants makeup/hair services, they’re not included in your session fee. Don’t want it? You’re all set; just show up for your session how you’d like to be captured.

Do want hair and makeup help? I’ll arrange to have the makeup artist there for your session. You’ll pay them directly, and I’ll let you know beforehand what their fee is.

And yes, men and people with more masculine presentations are welcome to take advantage of hair and makeup services, too!

If you choose to have makeup and hair done for your session, here’s what to expect.

Please arrive with your hair clean and dry and a clean face. A button-down shirt (or one with a wide neck) will help protect your other clothing and help you change afterward without mussing your hair.

Here’s what to expect during your time with the makeup artist:

  • The makeup artist will discuss your desired look with you and help you decide
  • If you provide false lashes, the makeup artist will apply them for you
  • Tipping is appreciated, but not required.

In preparing for your session, my makeup artist requests that you consider these factors:

  • A fresh haircut, color or shave always looks best
  • You may trim all distracting facial hair to your comfort level, including brows, nose, ears, etc.
  • If waxing, please allow 48 hours prior to the session for your skin to calm down
  • Clean and neat nails are best
  • Please bring your personal hair brush or comb
  • This one is from Lindley — Please don’t schedule a session with a fresh tattoo. It will look unhealed!

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