Improve your body image, one week at a time.

Dig deep into the hows and whys of improving your body image with these thoughtful writing, journaling and meditation prompts.

Our feelings about our bodies don’t come from nowhere. Body shame surrounds us: in the media, in popular culture, in songs and movies and TV shows and magazines. 

Around 80% of U.S. women and 34% of men are dissatisfied with their bodies.* It’s time for us to reclaim both our bodies and our self-image from diet culture. We are good enough and worthy enough just as we are.

  • What do body image and body positivity mean to you personally?
  • Where does positive (or negative) body image come from?
  • How do we develop a healthy body image?

58 prompts

Journal at your own pace: do one prompt per week, or use them all over a few weeks as an intensive body image reset.

Fat-positive and HAES-aligned

All prompts are anti-diet, Health at Every Size®-aligned and made to celebrate bodies at all sizes, shapes, identities and levels of ability.

Benefits of positive body image

People of all sizes with higher self-esteem and positive body image are more confident, self-aware and at less risk of eating disorders.

*Teens, Social Media And Body Image, Heather Gallivan. Non-binary, agender and other folks also face many body image pressures, though that wasn’t reflected in this study.