Mythic Images Venus of Willendorf – Artist Oberon Zell

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  • Decorate your Sacred Space
  • Mythological Art
  • Gods & Goddesses
  • Designed by Oberon Zell

Details: The Ice Age Great Mother Goddess, this figurine is one of the oldest and most famous Paleolithic Venus images. The original was found in Willendorf, Austria, and is 4 inches tall, of carved limestone tinted with red ocre. Her sumptuous figure may have been a symbol of the bounty of Nature, which provides a surplus of food for the whole tribe. Her overflowing breasts were the first food of all humanity: Our Lady of Abundance. That image became deified as the Divine Ancestress of the Clan, or The Great Mother.The piece, reproduced by artist Oberon Zell, is very close in size and texture to the original. The figurine is separate from the base upon which she stands.

Product Details
Name: Venus of Willendorf
Size: 4.75″ Tall