The Recovery Reflections Journal is a tool to be used to help establish a daily journaling practice. It encourages the use of writing, as well as art, to assist in making daily reflection a habit. Those in recovery from various mental health illnesses and addictions may use this journal to supplement their treatment.

The innovative layout of each daily two page spread offers one page lined for writing, noting what you are grateful for and what you have accomplished, as well as for setting some daily goals to assist in continuing to strive for personal growth. On the second page is blank space for expression through creativity with any medium.

Some days will be more challenging than others when endeavouring to start journaling regularly. It may seem impossible to write on those days, causing missed days, and hindering the probability that journaling can be made a habit. To help ease that pressure, there is a daily writing prompt and an illustration to colour to help ensure that the journal is attended to each day.

Recovery from illness or addiction takes time and focused intention. The Recovery Reflections Journal is the perfect companion for anyone who sees the benefits of using reflection to learn from one’s own experiences and feelings….