The Big List of Portrait and Boudoir Ideas

A plus size woman with pale skin and red hair stands in front of a sequin backdrop

Here’s an ever-evolving list of boudoir and portrait session ideas to spark your inspiration. Some are serious, some are silly. Use them as a launching point for your imagination!

See an idea you love that seems more appropriate for portraits (that you wish you could do for boudoir) or for boudoir (that you wish you could do for a portrait)? Let’s adapt it!


  • Milk bath in a brightly colored bikini
  • Saturday in bed with a button-down shirt and coffee
  • Firelight evening with fuzzy blankets and a soft armchair
  • Undressing after a costume ball or opera
  • Nude in a milk bath
  • Completely covered in glitter
  • Splattering paint around a room and throwing it at the camera
  • Kicking around the house in a pretty dressing gown and marabou slippers, having glamorous Old Hollywood coffee
  • Glamorous gowns and lingerie with a sparkling sequin background
  • Rummage in your significant other’s wardrobe for ideas, and surprise them with photos of you lounging sexily in their clothing
  • Embrace a geek girl theme and bring along your D&D manuals, dice, and DM screen



  • Botanical, covered in leaves and vines
  • Mysterious with mist and shadows in the woods
  • Splashing in a creek in the altogether
  • Sexy beach bikini at the water’s edge (think Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition)
  • Fishing. On a boat. In the rain. In February.
  • In a gorgeous gown in the snow
  • Standing on a cliff above the ocean with the wind in your hair and an amazing dress, looking out to sea
  • On the shore of Lake Crescent. In a tutu.
  • On a PNW beach in jeans and boots and a plaid shirt, warming your hands at a fire and looking gorgeously hipster
  • On a beach. In a bikini. Not in February.
  • Find a great bikini and hop in the bathtub or hot tub for another pinup-style idea. (We have both here at my studio!)
  • Have an interesting outdoor hobby, like flying kites or surfing? Bring that kite or board along!


Any Environment

  • Lolita – ruffles and lace
  • Sporty with a team jersey
  • Flirty wood nymph in floating layers
  • Throwing paint around and laughing
  • Cosplay as your favorite character
  • Mystical with gemstones and crystals
  • Boho with leather and feathers
  • A sexy boudoir shoot with fantastic lingerie
  • Lying in a sea of flowers
  • Are you handy? Bring a hard hat, tool belt, and uniform shirt.
  • A pinup look with short shorts and a plaid top or a vintage-style dress and heel
  • Go all out on last year’s (or this year’s) Halloween costume. For this one, you’ll really want to embrace the costume plus all the accessories


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