How to use the Southwest customer of size policy | The Body Liberation Guide

Last week, I talked about a big negative of the trip I just took. This week, though, I want to share a big positive: Southwest Airlines’ customer of size policy. 

Southwest is the only American airline that makes an actual effort to be good to fat people. They weren’t always this way; in fact, they used to be the most cruel about it, and would toss passengers off of flights because they were too fat (according to the whims of crews and staff). 

After it happened to filmmaker Kevin Smith, who pitched a very public fit about it, Southwest turned it around and has since become the best airline to fly on while fat.  

I’d been hearing about the customer of size policy for a number of years, but Southwest is a (somewhat) smaller airline that doesn’t fly direct to where I’m usually headed, so I’d always skipped it. For this trip, though, I decided having layovers was worth it to try out the policy. Here’s what I experienced.

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