Ask a Body-Positive Creator: Illustrator and Artist Anni Winder

This is the Body Liberation Photos Ask a Fat Creator (and Allies) series, in which we find out more about the lives, work and breakfasts of all kinds of large-bodied and marginalized creators.

Anni Jyn is here to create art that might make you feel good about yourself, be kind to others or hopefully make you do a little laugh if the situation calls for it!

Tell me about you! What’s your name? What pronouns do you use? Where do you live? What do you like to eat for breakfast?

I’m Anni! I use she/her pronouns and I live in the North of England (yes rain and yes countryside!) I love peanut butter and cereal sandwiches for breakfast…don’t judge!

What is your business, and how does it make a difference in the world?

I’m an illustrator and designer, a lot of the time I illustrate what’s on my mind or what I’d like to see on my social media feeds. I want to see different body types, body hair, no body hair, disabilities. I want to see what I hardly saw growing up. 

Why is what you do important? How does it change the way people see or how they feel about their bodies?

I think what I do is important because it hopefully allows people to see themselves in a drawing of mine. I hope it gives people something to relate to so we can all feel a little less alone in the current time we are living in. 

What’s your most popular item/service, or the one you most enjoy doing/making? 

My most popular item is a t-shirt with a silly drawing of a woman picking her nose! This makes me happy in a way because it’s not something people would usually want to see but people like seeing it on a t-shirt! Some of my other popular services are custom nude illustration commissions and tattoo designs. I most enjoy drawing people and their bodies because as cheesy as it sounds, we are all different and I think that’s amazing.

How does body positivity or fat positivity make your business different from others in your field? What has your experience been like? 

I think it gives me an advantage in that I have such a diverse range of followers and I love that I’m continuously building this community that is so accepting and inspiring. My experience has been nothing but positive so far, you get the odd troll but I think that just means you’re doing something right! 

Can you share an instance where you made a real difference for a customer, or had some really great feedback from them about your body-positive work?

I once had a message from someone saying that one of my illustrations looked like them and they didn’t realise their body could be art. That made me so happy and comforted to know that I made someone’s day that little bit brighter.

How did you discover body acceptance or body positivity personally? What kind of difference has it made for you? 

I discovered body acceptance when I started loving what I saw in the mirror. Of course we all have days where this is not the case, I have had my own journey with being underweight as well as not fitting in that outfit you wanted to wear at the weekend. Drawing more and more body types (as well as drawing from my own selfies) makes me feel more comfortable in my own body and has definitely allowed me to see that no body type is wrong or right. This is still ongoing for me and I think I can help other people feel a little more comfortable in their skin with the more beautiful bodies that I draw and share.

What advice do you have for other people who are learning to love and accept their bodies?

Name 5 things that you love about yourself, these can be physical or attributes of your personality. Whatever feels right at the time! I grew up with positive affirmations plastered all over our mirrors so I love the idea of little messages stuck to your mirror that resonate with you. And last but not least, treat yourself how you want to be treated and touch yourself how you want to be touched.

What advice do you have for other business owners who’d like to incorporate body acceptance into their work? 

Do your research! Take the time to learn about body acceptance, open up your circle – actually be inclusive rather than using inclusivity to make money. 

Where can we find more of your amazing work? and on Insta @annijyn – can’t wait to see you over there!

Find Anni at:

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