14 Blood Pressure Monitors with Plus-Size Cuffs for Large Arms

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Image description: Part of a fat person’s bare arm and torso are shown, forming an abstract shape.

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“Health isn’t an obligation, a barometer of worthiness, or entirely within our control. People’s health and looks are going to change over time.”

Β» Ragen Chastain

The first thing you need to understand about your larger body and blood pressure is that high blood pressure is not your fault, and it’s not a moral failing. High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects many people, many of whom aren’t fat, and it can be caused by many factors, including genetics, stress, chronic illness, certain other health conditions, food intake and life factors that prevent you from spending much time in movement.

The second thing you need to know about large bodies and blood pressure is that using the proper size cuff really does make a difference in your numbers — possibly enough to put you in the “high blood pressure” category when that might not be accurate. If your doctor tells you you have high blood pressure, you have the right to ask which size cuff they’re using, and to request a larger cuff. Every doctor’s office should have large cuffs in addition to the medium size that’s used by default (and if your doctor doesn’t have one on hand, that’s something they need to correct right away, because they’re giving fat folks inaccurate information).

The third thing you need to know is that being fat has not been proven cause high blood pressure. People of all sizes and ages have high blood pressure.

Now that we’ve established that having high blood pressure isn’t a moral failing or punishment for being fat, let’s look at the logistics of measuring blood pressure. Though many people are just fine only having their blood pressure measured at the doctor’s office as needed, you may want to keep a closer eye on it, or your doctor may ask you to keep track of it at home for various reasons.

Depending on how your particular body is shaped, you may find that some cuffs work better than others. (Learn more here, with a content warning about use of the o* word and fatphobia.) Though we haven’t personally tested every recommendation below, each one comes recommended by someone in a fat body. Other places to find an extra-large blood pressure cuff include your local drugstore. You may also be able to visit your local fire station and request that your blood pressure be measured.

It’s important to use a blood pressure cuff that’s actually the right size for your arm. Be sure to measure your arm (you can use a measuring tape, or use a piece of paper or string and then measure that) to see what size you need. Just because the cuff will more or less physically fit on your arm doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit.

If you have a blood pressure monitor you already like, you may be able to replace just the cuff with a larger one from the same manufacturer. You might also consider using wrist or thigh cuffs, or using a regular sized cuff on your forearm, though the readings may not be as accurate. Remember that as long as your readings are consistently off, a few points in one direction or the other can be taken into account every time you measure (and report back to your doctor).

To ensure that you’re getting an accurate reading, take your new cuff to your doctor’s office (assuming they have a cuff that will fit you) and make sure the readings match. Your blood pressure normally rises and falls throughout the day, so make sure you measure at the same time of day. Here’s some more information from the American Heart Association on how to measure your blood pressure properly and accurately.

Curious about managing blood pressure in ways that don’t require you to buy into diet culture or yo-yo dieting? Here are some health at every size (HAES) blood pressure management tips from nutritionist Meghan Cichy (PDF).

Here are 13 extra-large blood pressure cuffs to try out on your extraordinary, worthy large body.

1. LifeSource Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Extra Large Cuff

Image description: A white blood pressure monitor with a grey screen that has numbers indicating the measurements of the blood pressure reading. There is buttons one with an M, one with a clock, and a Start button. There is a light blue cuff rolled up along the top.

This monitor is the most widely recommended across fat-only spaces which is why it is at the top of our list! The extra-large cuff fits 16.5″ to 23.6″ arms. It has been clinically validated for accuracy and is easy to store. The device allows you to recall the last 60 readings in the device’s memory. The tapered cuff is designed to fit around the natural shape of your arm for a more accurate reading.

2. Large D-Ring Cuff 13β€³ to 17β€³

Image description: There is a light blue blood pressure cuff rolled up with a grey cord tucked into it. It is lined grey inside and has a stripe of green along the bottom.

This durable and contoured Large D-ring cuff fits arms 13β€³ to 17β€³ in circumference. Before you purchase a home blood pressure monitor, it’s important to determine the best cuff size for you. To determine your arm size, use a cloth measuring tape and measure the circumference of your left upper arm midway between your elbow and shoulder. Ensuring that the blood pressure cuff is neither too tight nor too loose will help ensure the most accurate readings providing you a more accurate picture of your heart’s health. This cuff is only compatible with Omron Blood Pressure models.

3. Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Image description: An Omron blood pressure monitor with a square, white monitor for reading the blood pressure results. It shows the readings a well as the time. There are multiple buttons included one with a clock, arrows left and right, and a history button. There is a toggle to switch between person 1 and person 2 and a blue start and stop button. Behind the monitor is a black cuffed rolled up with a grey cord.

The Omron 5 Series allows up to two users to measure, store, and review up to 50 blood pressure readings each (total 100 readings with date/time stamps). It displays the average of up to your last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes.

4. EMI Thigh Sized Manual Blood Pressure Monitor Set (16 to 25 inch)

Image description: Black cuff for checking blood pressure with a manual black pump and gauge to read the blood pressure. On the cuff, there are instructions in the white text showing the different sizes and indicated this is the largest size available. Includes also a soft black case for storing the cuff.

This manual blood pressure monitor is available to check your blood pressure for taking blood pressure measurements using the thigh. The nylon-cuffed thigh-sized aneroid sphygmomanometer comes with index and range markings, gauge holder, artery indicator label with standard inflation bulb, precision manometer gauge, and oversize nylon zippered carrying case. Cuff size is 40.6-66.0CM ( 16 to 25 inch). Needs to be used with a stethoscope to take blood pressure measurements (sold separately).

5. Omron Silver Blood Pressure Monitor

Image description: There is a digital monitor for reading blood pressure, a black cuff, and a box for storing the monitor and cuff. The digital screen is white with blood pressure readings on the screen including the time. There is a Bluetooth button along with left and right arrows, a history button, and a start and stop button. The black cuff has a diagram on it showing where to place the cuff on your arm and the box has a blue banner stating #1 Doctor Recommended.

The OMRON Silver Wireless Upper Arm home blood pressure monitor measures, stores, and lets you review up to 80 readings for one user with date and time stamps. OMRON Connect makes it easy to track your health by viewing your blood pressure at any time, checking for patterns, and emailing data to your physicians. Simplify how you manage your blood pressure with Alexa. Store and track readings and even share them with your doctor.

6. Slight Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

Image description: Extra large blood pressure monitor with a large screen for reading the blood pressure reading. Gives numbers that indicate blood pressure reading and shows the date and time. There are three buttons at the bottom, Set, Start/Stop and M. Attached to the digital screen is a grey blood pressure cuff rolled up.

Now you can monitor your blood pressure with clinically accurate results by using this Slight Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor ST 501. It is easy to use and is clinically accurate. It can keep track of up to 60 readings each for 2 people, with an average of your last 3 readings.

7. BP Wizard BP Machine (Extra Large Cuff 9″-21″)

Image description: There is a red box with a Blood Pressure Wizard label and in front of it lies two black blood pressure cuffs and a digital screen. The cuffs have white diagrams on them explaining where to place the cuff on your arm. The black digital screen has a blue screen that reads the blood pressure reading with three buttons along the bottom, MEM, power, and Set.

The Blood Pressure Wizard blood pressure meter comes with two cuffs. One regular size cuff that is 8″ – 16″ and an extra-large cuff that is 12″ – 21.” This is one of the most accurate units available! It is simple to operate with one-touch buttons that make it easy for anyone to initiate a test.

8. A&D Medical Large Replacement Cuff

Image description: Light blue blood pressure cuff with white instructions and diagrams on the side on how to apply to the upper arm. The cuff is rolled up and has grey clips on the side to keep it easily rolled.

This large blood pressure cuff fits upper arms 12.2″ to 17.7″ (31 – 45cm) and is only compatible with A&D Medical and LifeSource brand blood pressure monitor models. The tapered fit is designed to snugly and comfortably fit around your arm. All A&D Medical blood pressure cuffs are durable and come with a 2-year warranty.

9. A&D Medical Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range Cuff

Image description: Black blood pressure cuff with white instructions on it and a grey cord that is attached to a white digital monitor with a dark blue screen area with numbers showing the blood pressure reading. There is an indicator along the side showing where on the scale your blood pressure reading falls into. The device has one button that reads Start for beginning the blood pressure reading.

You can prevent inaccurate reading by buying the right size cuff from the start. A cuff that is too small will give you an artificially high reading and a cuff that is too large will give you an artificially low reading.

This blood pressure monitor has been thoroughly tested and has stood up to the medical industry’s world-class protocols, and it includes features designed to help you take a more accurate reading.

10. Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Image description: Black blood pressure cuff rolled up with a grey cord tucked into it. There is a digital screen that includes information about the blood pressure reading as well as the date, time, and which person is taking the measurement. There is a sliding button to indicate person 1 or person 2. There are also buttons for navigating the device and reading the blood pressure history. There is a blue start/stop button to take measurements. The screen is large and easy to read.

Omron 10 Series Wireless upper arm blood pressure is available for up to two users. It has Bluetooth technology that connects to your smartphone and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Push-button start displays precise at-home digital Blood Pressure readings on a backlit screen with extra-large digits and also detects irregular heartbeats.

11. Omron Gold Blood Pressure Monitor 

Image description: Blood pressure monitor that has a white digital screen with numbers indicating the blood pressure reading on the front that is easy to read and understand. There are three buttons along the side one to adjust the lighting of the screen, one to view the past history, and one to start/stop the blood pressure reading. There is a black cuff rolled up behind the digital screen. The box behind it with a blue label stating #1 Doctor Recommended Brand.

Time to change your mindset from merely “checking” your blood pressure to “monitoring” it. The Omron Gold wireless wrist blood pressure monitor stores up to 200 reading for 2 users (100 readings for each user) in the monitor, or unlimited readings when used with the Omron Connect app, allowing you to keep comprehensive recordings of your readings over time and monitor any fluctuations in your reading. The app also lets you view your trend graphs and charts, and share them as needed with your family, caregivers, or doctors.

12. Welch Allyn Home Blood Pressure Monitor and Upper Arm Cuff

Image description: White blood pressure monitor with a black screen and white, easy to read, large numbers with the blood pressure reading. There is a red ribbon in the shape of a heart above the machine. One power button on the digital reader for turning the reading on and off. The screen also shows the battery life of the device and a Bluetooth symbol.

The Welch Allyn Home 1700 Series Blood Pressure Monitor features an easy-to-use, one-button operation to provide readings you can trust in just 20 seconds. The same SureBP technology used by doctors and hospitals worldwide enables an accurate measurement in half the time of the leading competitor without over-inflating or causing unnecessary discomfort.  

13. Welch Allyn Home – Extra Large Cuff – 1700 Series Only (For Above Model)

Image description: Black extra large blood pressure cuff with white instructions and diagrams printed in white showing how to place the cuff on the arm and indicating the cuff is the largest size. There is a black cord coming from the cord to connect to a digital device reader.

Built from the same SureBP algorithm used in multi-parameter, hospital-grade monitors, the Welch Allyn Home Blood Pressure Monitor is an easy-to-use device that enables patients to capture accurate readings from the comfort of home. Captures blood pressure in about half the time as the leading competitor, making the reading capture more comfortable. The free smartphone app lets you store and track the readings, so you can monitor your progress.

14. Beurer Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Image description: Blood pressure monitor with a large digital screen and large numbers that are easy to read. There is a scale along the side that indicates the range of your reading. There are three buttons on the right side for different settings to adjust the monitor to your preferences.

The German-engineered digital blood pressure monitors, measures and stores systolic and diastolic blood pressures & heart rates. The adjustable blood pressure cuff easily fits around small and extra-large wrists (wear it like a watch). The blood pressure machine identifies heart rhythm disturbances and alerts you if detected. A color scale shows you at a glance if your blood pressure is too high.

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