17 Body-Positive Stock Photos for Parties and Celebrations

As I write this, the year is winding down, and soon it will be New Year’s — eternal occasion for celebration and champagne.

But not only are there lots of opportunities for parties throughout every year, gatherings are especially important for people in marginalized groups, including plus-size or fat people.

Being in community with other people who have the same life experiences we do draws us together, gives us confidence and hope, lets us share our stories and be infused with the collective wisdom of our groups.

“The images we see—or don’t see—matter. They tell us what’s possible.”

» Emily Nagoski
A plus-size woman cuts and serves slices of a decorated red velvet cake at an outdoor tea party on a sunny summer afternoon.

Party & Celebration Photos for Body-Positive, Anti-Diet & Health at Every Size® Marketing

Here are 17 beautiful photos from the Party & Celebration collection at Body Liberation Stock, the world’s first and best site for high-resolution stock images of large bodies for commercial use. Use these images on your website, social media, flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials to represent more of your customers, clients, and prospects. You’ll also be helping to change the world by increasing the representation of large-bodied and fat folks.

These stock photos are often used by:

  • Health at Every Size healthcare providers, authors, therapists, nutritionists, and dietitians
  • Body image, intuitive eating, and life coaches
  • HAES eating disorder treatment professionals
  • Inclusive and fat-friendly fitness pros and personal trainers
  • Plus-size fashion designers, retailers and eCommerce
  • Body-positive bloggers and influencers
A group of women gather at a feminist co-working space and spend time talking, connecting and collaborating at a networking event.

“There is certainly no shortage of ‘perfect’ bodies to look at on the internet, TV, magazines, billboards, and advertising. We *know* what society’s depiction of the ideal body is, thank you very much, and we don’t need to see if anymore — not if we’re focused on loving ourselves just as we are. Instead, we need to see more bodies like *ours.* More realistic bodies — ones that haven’t been airbrushed, photoshopped, starved, surgically altered, or exercised into nothing but skin and muscle.”

» “Bad Fat Person,” Ali Owens
A plus-size woman in the in-betweenie range is shown in front of a sparkling sequin backdrop.
An African American woman who wears plus-size clothing lies on a white canopy bed in a pink and black dress, black lace bunny ear headband, candy-colored plastic jewelry, and cotton candy-colored blue and pink wig. A variety of stuffed animals is collected at the head of the bed behind her. Since specialty clothing such as lolita wear is particularly hard to find in plus sizes, she’s understandably proud of her diligence and hard work in putting these outfits together. The photo speaks not only to the ingenuity of plus-size women in expressing their fashion senses, but in the dearth of fast fashion, fancy dress, cosplay, costumes, loli, and other niche and subculture clothing available to this market. This photo is part of a set of images that show that sometimes self-care means treating ourselves — not only to a sweet dessert but to what our inner selves desire. And sometimes, for some people, that means a day of bubble-gum colors, pretty dresses, dress up and make-believe.
Food and dishes for a tea party are spread out on a table on a sunny summer afternoon, including a decorated cake, flowers, muffins, honey, tea, macarons, cucumber and egg salad sandwiches, strawberries, and Italian wedding cookies. Underneath is an antique doily and a green tablecloth with a floral pattern. A celadon-green ceramic elephant-shaped teapot holds tea for the party.
A group of women gather at a feminist co-working space and spend time talking, connecting and collaborating at a networking event.

“Up until I started powerlifting 3 years ago, I would be covered up head to toe because I was ashamed of my “fat” body. I was told most of my young adult life to cover up because no one wanted to see my fat. I love this body. Every stretch mark and fat roll included. This powerbelly can do incredible things like squatting and deadlifting 500+ pounds.”

» Becci PrettySTRONG Holcomb
A group of plus-size women greet each other at an outdoor tea party on a summer afternoon. These people all identify as cisgender women, and all are plus size. One woman’s ethnic background is Mexican, German, Dutch and Greek; two are white or Caucasian, and one is mixed Italian and Polish Caucasian.

More Party & Celebration Stock Photos

From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Plus-Size Woman at Tea Party
  2. Women Networking at Event
  3. Plus-Size Women Eat, Drink, and Talk at Outdoor Summer Tea Party
  4. Party Fun with Plus Size Woman
  5. Plus-Size Woman at Tea Party
  6. Plus-Size Women Eat, Drink, and Talk at Outdoor Summer Tea Party
  7. Plus Size Lolita Relaxing
  8. Afternoon Tea and Sweets
  9. Gold Venetian Mask
  10. Women Networking at Event
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Shelbey Osborne is a 200-hour Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about yoga and astrology and uses these teachings to help individuals connect deeper to their own intuition. She is an advocate for body acceptance and applying a self-compassionate approach to all areas of our lives.