Everyday Reminders: 11 Body-Positive Stickers and Bookmarks

A magenta square with a chat bubble graphic, a photo of handmade bookmarks and the title of the blog post.

Image description: A magenta square with a chat bubble graphic, a photo of handmade bookmarks and the title of the blog post.

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The average person sees over 6,000 ads per day. That’s a lot of people and companies telling us what we should buy and how our bodies should look, and trust me, none of them will tell you that you’re just fine the way you are.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to find messages that tell us our body is wrong, but harder to find messages to remind us that our bodies are worthy. Body-positive and fat-positive stickers and bookmarks are not only an easy and fun way to remind ourselves that we are worthy in ANY body, but also to let other people know where our values lie.

Here are 6 stickers and 5 bookmarks to remind you of how worthy your body is, increase positive body image and just generally add more fun to your life.


1. Fatter in Real Life Sticker

Image description: A stack of stickers that have a yellow background with blue text that reads, “fatter in real life” and surrounded by pink flowers with green vines.

This heavy-duty vinyl sticker from Rachele Cateyes is perfect for your water bottle, laptop, or any place you want some fat positivity in your life. Each sticker measures just under 3×3 inches.

2. Donut Cat Sticker

Image description: Stack of vinyl stickers created by Turle’s Soup. The sticker is a donut in the shape of a kitty including little cat ears, face and legs. The background of the sticker case has more colorful animals.

This adorable, sturdy vinyl sticker from TurtlesSoup reminds us that round is a shape, too. Each sticker measures approximately 3×3 inches and depicts a donut-shaped cat with icing features and small nommable donut ears.

3. Fat Baphomet Sticker

Image Description: A stack of stickers with one standing up showing a fat baphomet. Sticker has a red background and baphomet is black with white markings.

When we say we believe in inclusion, we’re not kidding: even occult symbols get diverse body types around here. This heavy-duty vinyl sticker features a fat Baphomet in black and white on a red background.

4. Self-Care Sticker Sheet

Image description: Set of white sticker packs on a black background. There is various stickers on each pack with the theme of self-care. Stickers sayings include: made myself a priorit, took my meds, went outside, showed love and more.

This sheet of hand-drawn, original stickers is the perfect addition to your daily journaling or your scrapbook. Each self-care-focused sticker records your success in actions like taking meds, going outside or eating a meal.

5. Fat Rolls Not Gender Roles Sticker

Image description: This stickers is includes the colors of the Genderqueer Pride Fag with lavendar at the top, white in the middle, and green at the bottom. Within the flag the text reads “Fat Rolls Not Gender Roles.”

Purchasing this sticker helps support Positive Force Movement, the body-positive and inclusive gym in Rochester, NY for those who are left out of the fitness world.

6. Feminist sticker: All Bodies Are Good Bodies, Laptop Sticker, body positive

Image description: A pink sticker in a circular shape with colorful flowers on the top and bottom and white text reading, “ALL BODIES ARE GOOD BODIES.”

A portion of the profits go to Mental Health Organizations in an effort to support the community and raise awareness.

The high-quality Ace the Pitmatian All Bodies Are Good Bodies Sticker by Ace the Pitmatian Designs will look great where ever to decide to put it. Great to add to your bike, car, truck, hydro flask, cell phone, laptop decal, water bottle, or where ever you might want to show off your Ace the Pitmatian Sticker. These are waterproof, weatherproof, and include UV protection.


1. Balloon Babe Bookmark

Image description: A pile of colorful bookmarks that round-bodied women created with balloons on them. The balloon babes are standing tall in a star pose. Bookmarks come in different shades of green and pink with different colored tassels.

Sculptor Chrissy Brown isn’t just talented at sculpting; she’s an illustrator, too. These balloon body bookmarks are a lovely reminder that round bodies are valuable. Each laminated bookmark measures 2″ x 3.5″, is hand-edged with colorful washi tape, and comes with a pretty floss accent tied on. Colors vary; the packing unicorns will pick out a beautiful one for you.

2. Woman Not Asking For It Bookmarks

Image description: Three bookmarks sit on a piece of blue fabric. The first one shows a larger-bodied woman in a yellow swimsuit with the text reading “NOT ASKING FOR IT.” The second is behind the others but shows a pink background with text. The third bookmark also reads, “NOT ASKING FOR IT” and has a naked woman looking away from the camera.

Violence against women is a topic that often leads to people saying that she asked for it, that it is somehow her fault. What she wore, what she drank, how late was she out. Everyone questions women about what they did and they forget about what the man did. I made these bookmarks as a powerful statement against those people. No woman asks for it, no matter what she does, no matter what she wears. ThereΒ΄s both an English and Croatian version of the bookmark. You can choose which one you want.

3. Colourful, Body Positive, Nude Woman, Female Body, Quirky Bookmark with Ribbon, Various Designs and Sizes

Image description: Five bookmarks are layed out on a blanket with an open book underneath. Each book mark shows art of womens bodies wearing underwear in abstract colours.

Assorted bookmarks made from off-cuts and slightly faulty prints that would otherwise go to waste. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, either left as they are or with a hole punched and a black ribbon tied around the top. 

4. Body Positive β€˜You Are Glorious’ Bookmark

Image description: There is a close-up of a book with a bookmark sitting in the crease of the book. The bookmark has a white background with gold dots. There is a gold circle in the middle with an illustration of a plus-size woman doing a yoga pose. The text on the top reads, “you are glorious, you are strong, you are enough,” and on the bottom reads “Body positive power.”

β™‘ This bookmark is approximately 16cm by 6cm

β™‘ Design printed onto card then laminated.

5. The Swimming Ladies – 3 original handmade linocut postcard and bookmark set

Image description: Handmade bookmarks and postcards sit on a piece of red fabric. The artwrk shows plus-size naked bodies with lines around them.

The prints have been carved and inked by and then pulled by hand one impression at a time.

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