{Podcast Month} Body Liberation for All with Dalia Kinsey: How Being Yourself Can Change the World

✨ For the month of December, enjoy these podcast episodes while I slow down, take a breath and plan for next year. ✨

If you’ve ever met someone and instantly known you’re going to be good friends, then you’ll know how I felt when I met Dalia Kinsey. In fact, we got along so well we recorded our podcast episode twice! (Well, there was a tech disaster involved, but I prefer to think the universe was also encouraging us to hang out some more.)

When we met to re-record the episode, I also kind of missed that the β€œrecording” light was turned on, so you also get to hear me talk for a bit about two very important subjects: cats and plants.

In this episode, we also discuss:

πŸ“· The function of propaganda and misinformation

πŸ“· Intersectionality and Fatphobia

πŸ“· Purging internalized bias

πŸ“· Honoring the emotional labor of others

πŸ“· Forms of activism and focusing on serving fat folx

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