“We do not have to turn the other cheek.”

a fat woman with very short hair and arm and belly tattoos has her hands on her neck and chest and is standing just inside a large window looking out. She's wearing a black bra, pink panties and black robe and has a neutral expression.

Fat people, we do not have to acquiesce to our culture’s normalization of hierarchy. We do not have to turn the other cheek.

We can demand fairness. We can demand both the recognition of our complexity and greater access to fuller lives.

We can recognize that choosing proximity to thin lovers and friends does not grant us safety, only the shallow pleasure of complicity that we have been taught is joy.

Real joy nourishes you. It does not require you to go back again and again in order to feel some crumbs of humanity. Joy does not come at the expense of your dignity, of your humanity.

Humanity is your birthright. Humanity is already yours. ยป Virgie Tovar

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