Dramatic botanical boudoir with R. | Washington state fat-positive photographer

Client R. was so generous in allowing us to see the results of their fat-positive botanical boudoir session from this summer!

R. came in fiesty, confident and ready to rock, and it was so much to realize their vision for their session.

We held R.’s boudoir session at my home studio and played with my ridiculously enormous grapevine to start, then experimented with a sequin drape, and finally moved indoors to finish their session.

Before your session, were you worried about anything in particular? What was your biggest fear?

“I was definitely worried that my attempts to look sexy were going to completely fail and that I would just look goofy instead. My biggest fear was that the whole thing would be a waste: if even a professional photographer who has so much experience with people who look like me couldn’t help me look good, what hope did I have?”

How did your experience actually go?

“It assuaged all of my fears! I felt completely relaxed. I was able to say what I needed and make suggestions of what I wanted to do. I never once felt like I was in danger of having my privacy violated (obviously important, being naked!) or of being made fun of. That was huge for me.”

What specifically was your favorite thing about your session?

“I loved so many things. The freedom of movement and expression, especially when we were outside, being able to laugh and joke during the photography, learning a little about the history of boudoir, and the setup for the reveal session were all highlights. I had so much fun!”

How did you feel when you saw the finished images?

“Amazing! I almost felt like that couldn’t be me, because the person in the pictures looked so good. But I knew that it was me! Seeing the final result had me wondering why I was ever worried about looking silly in the first place.”

What three words would you choose to describe the photos from your session?

“Empowering, passionate, personal”

If you were to recommend me to your best friend, what would you say?

“I have recommended you to my friends! I said that it was an amazing, wonderful experience that everyone, regardless of body size, should have. But I also emphasized that it was especially emotional and important to me as a fat person because I got to see myself in a way that fat people aren’t normally seen: strong, beautiful, and desirable.”

What would you say to other folks considering a Body Liberation Photos session?

“Same thing, honestly.”

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