From my lips to your ears | The Body Liberation Guide

This is my last letter for 2022; you’ll next hear from me on January 9.

Tonight I’m headed to a Zoom cookie-baking event with friends, and have a nice quiet holiday planned otherwise. I hope that the rest of this month is filled with joy for you.

As the Twitter chaos continues, more and more folks are finding their way to the Body Liberation Blanket Fort, my body-safe and fatphobia-free Discord community.

Discord is sort of like Slack or, if you’re an old-school nerd like me, IRC. It’s very different from Facebook or Twitter, though, so I made a beginner video that walks you through how to create an account and use Discord.

You can get access to the Blanket Fort by supporting me on Patreon at any level, starting at $1 U.S. dollar per month.

Running a community takes a lot of emotional labor and time, so your financial support helps make that sustainable as well as supporting my photographic and activist work.

Speaking of both Patreon and activist work, one of my superpowers is putting together information and resources, as you can tell if you’ve been reading this newsletter.

This week, I launched a new exclusive reward for my $5-and-up patrons: the Fat-Positive, Body-Positive & HAES Podcast Directory. It contains 95+ podcasts for your listening pleasure.

And speaking of podcasts, since December is often when people take time off and may also be spending a lot of time in the car, it’s the perfect time to give you this big ol’ list of the podcasts I’ve appeared on in the past.

Hopefully these podcast episodes will give you a nice big dose of body love and ease.

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