It feels like a personal attack | The Body Liberation Guide

It’s an excerpt week!

First, a little hand update: I’m seeing some minor improvements in my De Quervain’s tendonitis after having a steroid shot in the wrist a few weeks ago. I’m still being cautious with booking photography clients, but I have a few people booked starting in mid-April and that should be okay.

Hmm. I should write something about being a photographer โ€“ a very physical job โ€“ while also having chronic illnesses. Making a note on that.

Next, here’s an excerpt from my latest piece on Patreon, Weight-loss surgery, person-first fatness and a new narrative:

Companies plunge huge amounts of money into marketing because it works. In the last 20 years, WLS has become the new “right thing to do and buy” and as we’re increasingly surrounded by slick marketing and fact-free success stories, the more pressure we feel to succumb.

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