{The Body Liberation Guide} Do plus-size passengers deserve a bigger seat on a plane?

An image I created at the 2019 NAAFA convention in Las Vegas, NV. Browse stock photos of fat people»

The subject line of this email – Do plus-size passengers deserve a bigger seat on a plane? – is the title of an article in the Dallas Morning News in which I was quoted this week. 

The article itself is pretty stigmatizing, so click through at your own risk, but I want to give you a peek into the process of being quoted in an article like this one and why I chose to be part of such an otherwise-stigmatizing piece. Hop over to the original Body Liberation Guide to read the rest of this letter, since it’s a bit sensitive.


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“Pretty, it’s sad to say, can have a shelf life. It’s so tied up with youth that, at some point (if you’re lucky), you’re going to have to graduate from pretty.  Sometimes you can go so far past pretty that you end up in stylish, or even striking (or the fashion-y term jolie laide) before you know it.  

But you won’t get there if you think you have to follow all the signs that say “this way to Pretty.” You get there by traveling the route you find most interesting. (And to hell with the naysayers who say “But that’s not PRETTY”!)”  

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