No more feeling bad about yourself in photos!

This is news I am so freaking excited to share — the launch of the project I’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last six months.

It’s called SEEN., and there are limited spots, so I want to make sure you have time to grab one before this goes out to my big newsletter list on Monday.

SEEN. is my baby, born directly from my heart and the fat-positive framework I’ve developed over the last eight years that combines psychology, therapy and activism.

Over six months, I’ll teach you the skills to be able to look at images of yourself, process them, and use them to improve your body image. No more feeling horrible about the way you look in photos.

SEEN. combines one-on-one time with me with resources and community. It’s designed to be used alongside having your photos taken — anywhere in the world. Maybe you have a big event coming up (a wedding, anniversary, graduation or boudoir shoot?), but you can also bring existing photos to our work together.

And yes, there are equity pricing and payment plans available! Learn more by clicking the button below.

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