Now available: Body Liberation Quote Library

Image description: A photo of a fat person silhouetted against a sunset along with a thin crowd, lifting a fist defiantly, behind text that reads, “Body Liberation Quote Library from Body Liberation Photos.” End image description.

For years, people have been asking me where I get all the quotes I include in my social media posts. The answer is that my superpower is collecting and organizing information. Over time I’ve collected over 500 quotes on body liberation, fat acceptance, Health at Every Sizeยฎ, intuitive eating and more.

I’m making all 500+ quotes available in a tidy little library to my Patreon patrons at the Body Liberationist level ($10/month support) and up.

You can use these quotes any way you like by just copying and pasting from the library. (With credit to the person who said or wrote it, of course, and a tag or link back to them when possible.)

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