20 Truly Inclusive Plus-Size Clothing Brands

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In a world where clothing companies constantly claim to be inclusive, it can be hard to tell what is actually inclusive, especially if you don’t wear plus sizes yourself.

Full clothing inclusivity requires carrying up to at least a 12X/size 40 U.S., ideally with a custom sizing option. (And, even more ideally, with options for people who are short, tall or have sensory/mobility needs.) Only a few brands currently meet this standard.

When apparel brands are misleading about their inclusivity, it matters for a few important reasons:

πŸ§₯ It increases weight stigma by convincing thin folks that fat folks have plenty of clothing options and don’t need more

πŸ§₯ It cynically throws fat folks under the bus in pursuit of profit

πŸ§₯ It puts fat folks in the position of constantly having to say “hey, that’s not actually true” and makes us look mean and ungrateful

πŸ§₯ It erases fat folks by teaching thin folks that clothing sizes larger than the ones that company carries just don’t exist

πŸ§₯ It’s a really crappy, gaslighting, dishonest thing to do

πŸ§₯ When you promote companies as “inclusive” that aren’t, you actively make the world a worse place

That means brands that ARE fully inclusive are extra worthy of being celebrated!

Here are 20 plus-size apparel brands that are fully inclusive, from clothing to lingerie to shoes. For fat folks, we hope this gives you more functional and fashionable clothing options. For thin allies, these are the brands to support!

(All sizes and prices are in U.S. measurements unless otherwise noted.)

A diverse group of people with different ethnicities and body sizes stand by side with their arms on one another, smiling at the camera. They are wearing different pieces of clothing with a color palette of pink, purple, black, and white. This photo shows the wide range of clothing sizes and styles they carry for different people. Photo from SmartGlamour.


Largest size: 15X+ (86-88″ bust, 88-90″ hip) and custom measurements
Size chart

Price range: Around $8-70

SmartGlamour is a body liberation activist’s dream: clothing truly designed for ALL bodies, custom measurements offered, and models in lots of sizes and shapes. Owner Mallorie Dunn says:

“SmartGlamour is for everyone – truly. So why wouldn’t our models represent that visually? On this website, you’ll find people of all shapes, sizes, heights, weights, abilities, ethnicity, age, and identity.

There is not a single person who is not welcome to model for us. We will never crop out our model’s heads, make them model without their glasses, or depict them in a negative, weak, angry, or bored light. Our models are also never, ever photoshopped or airbrushed.”

Β» Mallorie Dunn

Shop: SmartGlamour with code SGLindley for 10% off + free shipping!

Two women wearing lingerie undergarments and harnesses, look at each other adorningly. They both are in super fat bodies with bright colored hair. One woman is sitting on a window sill looking down at the second woman sitting on the ground looking up. Photo from Bawdy Love.

Bawdy Love

Largest size: Custom measurements
Size chart: None

Price range: Around $95-165

Seattle-based Bawdy Love recently expanded from their searingly-hot lingerie harnesses into full-on swimwear. These custom-made pieces are not only sexy as hell, they’re flexible enough to accommodate changes in weight and body size.

Shop: Bawdy Love

Superfit Hero

Largest size: 7XL (size 40-42, 70″ bust, 78″ waist, 90″ hips)
Size chart

Price range: Around $65-95

Activewear brand Superfit Hero, unlike lots of brands that just promise to consider clothing larger plus-size folks, has put their money — and their sizing — where their mouth is. They’re also one of the best at using actual largefat, superfat and infinifat models in both their product photos and marketing.

Shop: Superfit Hero

Swimwear for superfats, infinifats and over size 32 with Origami Customs. Three photos are shown. In the first, three thin and smallfat women are shown in an urban studio. One is wearing a bodycon dress and two are wearing bra and panty sets. In the second photo, a thin white woman stands in front of a window filled with plants, wearing a strappy bra, panty and harness set, and holds a skull. In the third photo, a woman of color relaxes on a couch in front of a white wall. She is wearing a black bra and skirt and her legs are bare.
Three images from left to right: The first one is three woman in black undergarments looking at the camera with a serious face. The second photo is a young woman wearing a black bra and underwear with a harness over her bra. She is holding some type of skull. The third photo is of a BIPOC woman sitting in a black dress while she is falling back and smiling. Photos from Origami Customs

Origami Customs

Largest size: 5XL (60″ chest, 63″ hip) plus custom measurements
Size chart

Price range: Around $28-65

One of the most socially-conscious lingerie and swimwear brands I’ve come across, Origami Customs makes lingerie designed for all genders. The owner says, “As a Non-Binary Queer Femme with a Transmasculine partner, I care deeply about the needs of the community, which is why I offer completely customizable items for people across the gender spectrum.”

All items are handmade in Montreal and sustainable “slow fashion.” This is a great option for plus-size queer and trans folks.

Shop: Origami Customs

The woman is wearing a long dress that is black with grey vines all over the dress. The dress is loose and goes all the way down to her feet.

Love Your Peaches

Largest size: 6X (34/36 or 62-70″ bust, 68-76″ hips) plus custom sizing
Size Guide

Price range: Around $45-150

Love Your Peaches is tired of the angst brought on by cookie-cutter clothing. Their mission is to create a stress-free dressing for their customers. If you have special clothing needs or desires… you are welcome here.

Shop: Love Your Peaches

Three plus-sized woman stand on the beach in front of the water. They are all wearing one-piece swimsuits in different colors that have a skirt along the bottom and lace in the front. They are all wearing different colors, red, black, and blue.

By Ro! Designs

Largest size: 6X (38-40) bust: 64-67 waist: 55-58 hips: 66-70 plus custom

Price range: Around $50-130

Rosaria Vitale is one of the OG fat bikini creators. My own first bikini, bought for my first trip to Hawaii — with a deep blue background and Hawaiian flower design — came from Ro, and she has a small but devoted following.

The best way to access Ro’s work is by joining her public Facebook group, where she posts new items.

Here’s how Ro describes her work:

“Swimsuits and cover-ups for Big, Beautiful, Beach Babes. Original designs, one-of-a-kind, or very limited runs. Bikinis, both low and high rise, crop tops, halter, triangle tops, fatkinis, skirtinis, monokinis, one-pieces and so much more. Made from nylon/lycra spandex, using high-quality threads, elastics, and notions. Double-lined with princess seams and circle skirts. Please be sure to check back often!”

Shop: By Ro! Designs

Shapeshifters inclusive binders and sports bras.


Largest size: Custom measurements
Price range: Around $10-55

This small-business, “rainbow-flavored” duo Eli and Krista are doing binders right — and gorgeously. Each binder, crop top and sports bra is handmade to custom measurements in a variety of styles and materials. Check out the mermaid scale and cosplay styles!

Shop: Shapeshifters

A woman is kneeling in the grass wearing a black crop top and has a maxi-length skirt spread out around her. The skirt is shimmering all over and starts with a light pink at the top and ombres into a light purple. The photo is taken from a above and she is looking up at the camera with the skirt glistening in the light around her.


Largest size: XXXL fits hips up to 70″, plus custom measurements

Price range: Around $75-110

They do not upcharge for larger sizes, or for made-to-order. If you see a pixie skirt you like but it’s two sizes two small you can get a middle layer a different color, making a custom skirt in your size and with that middle layer color shift it is still the standard pixie skirt price! 

Platyfly Studios specializes in handcrafted fantasy-inspired clothing and accessories. Mythpunks, cosplayers, reenactors, Pagans, and other fans of fantastical or quirky styles will find just what they are looking for right here. Our sizing is designed to be inclusive, with skirts that go up to a 70″ waistband (and can easily be drafted larger if necessary). We are personally familiar with how difficult it is to find unique, fun clothing in larger sizes, so one of our primary goals with our own clothing line is to do better than the industry standards. Platyfly Studios also enthusiastically welcomes the gender nonconforming/nonbinary and transgender communities. Whatever your body type, gender identity, or gender expression, Platyfly Studios is here to meet your needs!

The best way to access Platyfly’s work is through Etsy or their Facebook Page, where they post new items.

Here’s how Katt describes her work:

Platyfly Studios is owned and operated in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been in business since 2017, and are often seen at gaming conventions, Pagan festivals, and many other events where our fellow nerds and fans of whimsy meet. Since the pandemic began, our focus has shifted exclusively to online-only events and transactions. We do look forward to seeing everyone in person again, but only once it is safe to do so.

Shop: Platyfly Studios


Largest size: 6X plus custom measurements

Price range: Around $30-100

eShakti is famous not just for its cute designs and custom measurements, but for the ability to customize the sleeves, neckline and length of their dresses.

As with any custom clothing order, be sure to use current body measurements that are as accurate as possible. eShakti will remake your garment if the fit’s not perfect on the first try.

Shop: eShakti

Plus size lingerie company Impish Lee. A woman with brown skin and bushy hair stands in front of a white wall next to a miniature tree. She is wearing a light blue bra, white lace panties, a white lace garter belt, and stockings.

Impish Lee

Largest size: Custom measurements
Size chart

Price range: Around $58-138

Impish Lee offers beautiful lingerie for all sizes. The site carries bras and lingerie up to a 44J and 59″ waist, and you can easily order a completely custom piece to your measurements as well right through the site. The designs are original and refreshing, and they’ve pulled in some actual plus-size folks as models (primarily Corissa Enneking of Fat Girl Flow).

Here’s a review of Impish Lee’s summer collection over at The Curvy Fashionista.

Shop: Impish Lee

Two shoemakers wearing masks looking closely at a shoe to inspect it for quality and ensuring it reaches standards. One man is wearing a blue shirt holding the shoe and looking at the bottom of it and the other man is wearing a brown shirt also inspecting the shoe.

Adelante Shoe Co.

Woman shoe sizes 4 – 14 (custom sizes available)
Men shoe sizes 4 – 17 (custom sizes available)

Price range: Around $125-275

Adelante makes shoes to your measurements. From their site: “Adelante Shoe Co. is built on the theory that people have values and will walk the talk if given the chance. That’s why we handcraft our modern classic shoes from 100% quality leather and choose each price point responsibly. It’s also why we pay our Latin American craftsmen and women enough for themselves and their families to live well β€” a salary amount they define themselves.

It’s an entirely new social impact model called the Living Well Line, and it’s raising the bar within the social entrepreneurship field. We want you to hold us accountable, so we back our values with full transparency, financial and otherwise. There’s nothing radical about it, just responsible business paying a fair price for work well done.”

Shop: Adelante Shoe Co.

Five white women ranging in size from very thin to medium fat stand against a gray background. They're each wearing matching purple bra and panty sets and look relaxed and happy.

Ewa Michalak

Largest size: Custom sizing on bras (briefs and panties are not inclusive)
Size chart

Price range: Around $10-105

This Polish designer offers carefully-constructed bras in full bust, large band and custom sizes. There’s also a super cute pin-up bra design and a cute plus-size babydoll offered on the site.

Shop: Ewa Michalak

A black illustration on a white background shows three pairs of panties and an apron hanging from a laundry line. The text reads, Carol Ann's Dry Apron Panties.

Dry Apron Panties

Largest size: 81″ hips
Size chart

Price range: Around $35

CarolAnn Bauer is doing something to care for very large bodies that no one else is doing: creating panties for bodies with tummies that overlap the pubic area. These unique panties have a panel that helps prevent chafing and skin rashes.

Shop: Dry Apron Panties

Let’s dig deep.

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A black woman is wearing a long dress with floral print in different shades of pink, red, and yellow with a white background. She has one hand out to her side and is looking down smiling.


Largest size: 7X 46/48 (75″ bust, 77″ hips)
Size Guide

Price range: Around $20-150

OneStopPlus is one of the classic, mail-order-catalog sources of larger plus size clothing. Even if you’ve never heard of OneStopPlus, you’ve probably bought something from one of the brands they also own, which include Jessica London, Woman Within, KingSize, Swimsuits for All, and Roaman’s, which we’ve grouped here.

Unlike many brands, OneStopPlus also carries masculine clothing to size 9X. All the sites can be reached from the main Full Beauty site.

Shop: OneStopPlus

Two dresses with beside eachother with a close up of the design on them. Diamonds are on the dresses and little ribbons.

Sanctuarie Designs

Largest size: 9X
Size chart: On individual items

Price range: Around $45-50

A fun, fabulous, fantastic store for the plus size shopper! Real sizes, for real women! 0x to 9x, most customizable for no extra fee! Carrying all kinds of women’s clothing and accessories

Sanctuarie offers a really neat feature when ordering swimsuits: You can customize both the top and bottom size for a one-piece suit, so folks who wear a different size on top and bottom can find a suit that actually fits.

Shop: Sanctuarie Designs

A thin white woman's torso is shown with a Decent Exposures Un-Bra in mint blue.

Decent Exposures

Largest size: 60L plus custom measurements
Fitting tips (Size chart is located on each product page)

Price range: Around $37-91

Decent Exposures is all about bras that are actually comfortable. They offer several bra styles, and will customize both the size and materials of each bra for a perfect fit that takes factors like arm hole size and latex allergies into account. This Seattle-based company also offers in-store fittings.

Shop: Decent Exposures

A woman is wearing black active wear capris and a sweater with mid-length sleeves and a zipper at the top. She is walking beside a pool looking into the water.


Largest size: 6X or 38/40 (64-66″ bust, 68-70″ hip)
Size chart

Price range: Around $70-140

Juno has a reputation for somewhat expensive, but sturdy and high-quality gear. In addition to workout wear, JunoActive carries intimates, swim, casual and outdoor clothing.

Shop: JunoActive

Cristina Aielli

Largest size: Made to measure
Size chart: None

Price range: Around $55-650

These stunning, intricate pieces of lingerie are handcrafted in Italy by a designer who makes every pieces to the customer’s measurements.

Shop: Cristina Aielli

A black woman is wearing a blue shirt with pink and purple flowers on it. She has on a teal necklace and gold breacelet. Her hair is half pulled up and she is smiling at the camera.

On the Plus Side

Largest size: 8X or 46/48 (72-76″ bust, 78-82″ hips)
Size chart

Price range: Around $59-118

Like OneStopPlus, On the Plus Side focuses on plus-size basics like pants, tops, tunics and activewear. Over 90% of their clothing is made from natural fibers.

Shop: On the Plus Side

Infinite Swim: Where to Find Swimsuits in Sizes 32+

A man with white skin and visible body hair is shown from waist to knees in a white t-shirt and blue swim trunks with a white drawstring.


Largest size: 10XL (82-84″ chest, 78-80″ waist)
Size chart

Price range: Around $20-80

Venerable men’s big and tall clothing store KingSize offers more masculine styles in apparel up to 10X.

Shop: KingStyle

Bubble Gum Boxer Briefs XXS-4X image 0

In Your Pants Intimates

Largest size: 6X (57″ under bust, 80″ bust) plus custom measurements
Size chart on individual items

Price range: Around $25-30

This queer, body-positive lingerie maker offers handmade undies in fun fabrics including Pride and holiday themes.

Shop: In Your Pants Intimates on Etsy and Shopify

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