Creator Month: Body Liberation Artist & Activist Kathryn Hack

“My work began as my attempt to increase representation of fat bodies in art and media. After making hundreds of fat art pieces in the past 2 years, my own relationship with my body has radically improved. Seeing my body lovingly and beautifully portrayed in my work, transformed how I saw myself and how I see others. I see beauty in all of us, in our rolls and bellies, in our double chins and full fat arms.” Β» Kathryn Hack

Today’s interview is with @kathrynhack.

Here’s how she describes herself:

Kathryn Hack is a Body Liberation Artist and Activist living in Oakland CA. She credits making fat art with helping her cultivate a kind and compassionate relationship with her own body. Kathryn is currently working on her memoir β€œFat Mystic”, where she explores how body liberation impacted every part of her life, including her marriage, parenting and spirituality.

Find out:

🎨 How her work is making a difference in the world

🎨 What she eats for breakfast

🎨 Her favorite art medium

🎨 Her advice for other who’d like to incorporate body acceptance into their work

Head over to the interview:

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