Creator Month: Artist Theresa Baxter

“It took literally re-drawing the lines of the human form over and over again for me to understand that it is normal for bodies to be unique and that mine, soft and dimpled, was normal…and even beautiful, (and actually, really fucking sexy).” Β» Theresa Baxter

Today’s interview is with @reesabobeesa.

Here’s how she describes herself:

Theresa is an illustrator and creative entrepreneur with a background in art therapy and psychology. She is passionate about the power of creative business and art and design as tools for radical paradigm shift. She believes that we can change ourselves and our world through representation.

Find out:

🎨 How her work is making a difference in the world

🎨 What she eats for breakfast

🎨 How she turns pain into beauty

🎨 The conflict between inclusivity and sustainability

Head over to the interview:

Let’s dig deep.

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