{Podcast Month} Hell Yeah Techcast with Jenn Hume: How to use diversity on your website to change the world + grow your business

โœจ For the month of December, enjoy these podcast episodes while I slow down, take a breath and plan for next year. โœจ

Every single time Iโ€™m asked to be on a podcast, itโ€™s an honor, but itโ€™s an especially big deal to be the very first guest on an existing podcast! Jenn Hume, owner of Hell Yeah Tech, and I talked on her Hell Yeah Techcast about websites, marketing and inclusive stock photography.

Jenn is exactly my kind of geek โ€” funny, quirky, logical and someone you immediately want to be friends with.

In our episode, we talk about:

โš™๏ธ How using diverse and inclusive images on your website both helps change peopleโ€™s body image and helps you grow your business
โš™๏ธ Why stock photography isnโ€™t inherently diverse
โš™๏ธ How stock photos can perpetuate oppression โ€” or the opposite
โš™๏ธ That one stock photo every therapist uses with the field of flowers or river stones
โš™๏ธ Using fat-positive and Health at Every Sizeยฎ SEO to attract customers
โš™๏ธ โ€œPrettyโ€ websites and normativity
โš™๏ธ Making potential customers and clients feel welcome through your marketing

๐Ÿ”Š Listen or read:

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