Taking COVID precautions is an act of fat allyship.

Taking COVID precautions is an act of fat* allyship.

Getting vaccinated and boosted is allyship.

Staying home is allyship.

Not eating in restaurants is allyship.

Not flying or traveling is allyship.

Not going to events, concerts, conventions and other crowded places is allyship.

You might be fine if you get sick, and you might have reason to expect perfectly reasonable treatment if you get sick enough to go to the hospital.

But we fat people know that we won’t be treated well if we get sick. Not only has the wave of fatness being blamed for COVID severity increased weight stigma in all contexts, including healthcare, we know from long experience that we’ll receive subpar treatment in hospitals and be at high risk of deprioritization if triage is needed.

We don’t even get good treatment when we go for vaccines and boosters. I asked for a longer needle when I got my booster recently, and the person giving the shots acted like I hadn’t spoken, ignored my request completely and stuck the regular-length needle into my arm without even bothering to respond.

Fat people are not disposable. Protecting yourself helps protect us.

*And allyship to disabled, BIPOC and other marginalized groups.

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  2. Bill Hanage @Bill Hanage

For some reason there seems to be a lot of talk about endemicity again. For the avoidance of doubt, omicron is not endemic right now in much the same way that the moon is not a hamster

Fyodor @Fyodor32768 ยท 14h
Replying to @BillHanage

Surely this variant that exploded out of nowhere and infected everyone in the
world in six weeks should make us feel confident that things will settle down now.

  1. Dr. Leyla Asadi @LeylaDAsadi

This really feels like the DIY wave:
-find your own booster
-find your own rapid tests & PCR
-do your own contact tracing
-determine optimal isolation length
-figure out which masks to buy & where
-figure out whether child’s school or daycare has any mitigations, etc.

  1. Plague Poems @PlaguePoems

Apparently it is
encouraging news
really encouraging news
that most of the deaths
(over 75% of them)
are occurring in people like
my mother
my brother-in-law
my friend
my cousin
the people who were unwell
to begin with
though it is doubtful
they find that news
very encouraging.

  1. chronicallyfullysick

Non-chronically ill person: we’ve all
been through the same pandemic
Me: feral screeching

sick grinch meg @sickgirlmeg
Replying to @sickgirlmeg

If you haven’t spent the past two years
hearing that your death is an acceptable
loss we are not the same

  1. the hype @TheHyyyype

there’s a serial killer terrorizing the city but he only murders old people and sick people so we don’t need to worry or try to stop him

  1. Tom Cashman @_tomcashman

Somehow we ended up here. A venn diagram has overlapping circles named “Apocalypse” and “Having to go to work.”

  1. Mac @GoodPoliticGuy

It is absolutely wild to me how many
people legit think exposing an entire
generation of kids to Covid is better
than skipping a couple weeks of

  1. Read Teaching to Transgress by belโ€ฆ @JoshuaPotash

holy shit the U.S. reported more
than 1.4 million new covid cases
today. i don’t see how we’re not
paying people to stay home at this

  1. Laurie Kilmartin- NYC Jan 16 The Bโ€ฆ @anylaurie16

Welcome to our business, here’s
how we’re keeping you safe:
*one thing that doesn’t address that
COVID is airborne.
*another thing that was proven to be
a waste of time last year.
*a third thing that won’t prevent
*a fourth thing that might cause
*hand sanitizers.

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