What would your life look like if you minded your own body business?

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What would your life look like if you just…didn’t worry about what other people’s bodies looked like or were doing?

What could you focus on if you didn’t feel the need to judge the clothing or body size or expression of the people walking past you in public?

What might it look like if the whole concept of People of Wal-mart was bizarre to you, because who cares what other people are wearing or look like as they move through their days?

How much more free time would you have if you weren’t worried about whether leggings or muffin tops or yoga pants or crop tops or strapless dresses or farmer’s tans were acceptable on thin bodies or fat bodies or the vast range of bodies in between?

How might it change the way you look at yourself if you stopped looking at other people with anything but neutrality?

I’m not asking you to get there today. I’m just asking you to think about it, okay?

I talk about bodies because I want us all to achieve body liberation:

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