As long as women are in competition with one another to have the “best” body, we all lose.

A fat feminine person lies on their back on a velvet couch, wearing a black leotard and a gold necklace with a fat body pendant. They're looking pensively at the camera.

“As long as we live in a culture that tells women that being admired and desired for the way we look is merely the normal condition of womanhood, something fundamental to our sex, it will be considered acceptable to evaluate women for their decorative value.

As long as it’s considered acceptable to pass public judgment on women’s bodies, often negatively — to snark on and condemn and make fun of things that are truly beyond an individual’s control — in public, then it’s open season on all of our bodies.

As long as women are in competition with one another to have the “best” body, we all lose. As long as there persists a single, narrow beauty ideal we are all instructed to live up to, none of us will live up to it.

This game is rigged. There will always be some critic who can tell us where we are found lacking.” » Jenna Sauers @jennasauers

Photo: Body Liberation Photos for OHME

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