What I’ve been up to lately | Seattle boudoir and portrait photography

What I’ve been up to lately, in no particular order:

Β» My new Maya Kern and SergleShop skirt came in!

Β» Twirling in this skirt. It has huge pockets and it’s comfy and I love it.

Β» Was in a hit and run accident last week. Fun.

Β» One advantage of cool PNW summers is hot tubbing without getting rained on.

Β» In the hammock on one of the three above-80 days we’ve had this year.

Β» Tree view from the hammock.

Β» My beautiful new glass birdbath.

Β» Blue being adorable on the living room chaise.

Β» Bringing home herbs, annual flowers and some new house plants.

Β» Redecorating my high-humidity houseplant terrarium.

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