13 Stock Photos to Use When You Talk About Eating Disorder Recovery

A blue square with the title of the blog post and two smaller round images, one of a Black trans woman and one of a white woman, both in bathing suits near water.

Image description: A teal square with two round images and the name of the stock photo collection. One image contains people sitting on concrete steps with smashed bathroom scales; the other is of a woman holding a too-small dress.

Many times when we think of someone who is struggling with an eating disorder there is one type of body that comes to mind. The media paints the narrative that a person with an eating disorder is a young, thin, able-bodied white woman. It’s important that we understand that this is not true and that people of all sizes, ethnicities, and body types can struggle with eating disorders.

Showing only one version of an eating disorder is harmful to all those who are struggling, but do not identify with the mainstream narrative. We must deconstruct the stigma around people in larger bodies with eating disorders.

This stock photo collection series features people who are choosing recovery and healing from their eating disorders. Through this collection, we get to see a representation of different body sizes that are often not shown as the face of eating disorder recovery.

“Dear Sister (not just cister),

Your transformation and healing are vital to the healing of the world.”

– Desiree Adaway, Writer, Speaker and Coach
A plus-size woman with pale skin, short brown hair and glasses stands in the middle of fallen yellow leaves with autumn trees and bushes around her. She is wearing a necklace, long pink dress, sandals and flower crown, and is cradling her belly with her hands. She’s looking away from the camera and smiling.

Eating Disorder Recovery Photos for Body Positive, Anti-Diet & HAES Marketing

Here are 13 more beautiful photos from the People in Eating Disorder Recovery and Eating Disorder Recovery & Treatment collections at Body Liberation Stock, the world’s first and best site for high-resolution stock images of large bodies for commercial use. Use these images on your website, social media, flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials to represent more of your customers, clients, and prospects. You’ll also be helping to change the world by increasing the representation of large-bodied and fat folks.

These stock photos are often used by:

  • Health at Every Size healthcare providers, authors, therapists, nutritionists and dietitians
  • Body image, intuitive eating and life coaches
  • HAES eating disorder treatment professionals
  • Inclusive and fat-friendly fitness pros and personal trainers
  • Plus-size fashion designers, retailers and ecommerce
  • Body-positive bloggers and influencers
People who are recovering from eating disorders, particularly anorexia, often see drastic changes in the size and shape of their bodies that come with their own challenges. In this photo, a woman stands nude in a front view that shows her recovering body’s legs and hips. She’s holding the dress she wore to her father’s funeral, at the height of her anorexia, which is clearly now many sizes too small. She is over 50 and has short silver or gray hair and tanned skin. This woman is in active recovery from an eating disorder.
A woman in a striped gray shirt looks through a tear in the paper dial of a destroyed bathroom scale. She has short brown hair and is sitting in grass.
An Asian American woman in her 30s who wears plus size clothing examines a menu at a tavern. She’s wearing a patterned blue top and bright red scarf. Her hands, chest, upper torso, arms, neck, and face are visible. The focus is on the items on the table rather than her face. Lighting: low key, bright colors, artificial lighting, overhead lighting Environment: indoors, restaurant, tavern, pub, eatery, table Themes: intuitive eating, eating, health, food, food choices, health at every size, plus size, plus size confidence, body love, nutrition Ethnicities, genders and abilities of note: Asian American Location: Washington State, Pacific Northwest, United States
A plus-size woman sits on a riverbank and eats a cupcake with pleasure and enjoyment. She has long brown hair and is wearing a beaded necklace, white sleeveless top, and light green and blue printed skirt.
A woman pours colorful pasta into which she’s just stirred a pat of butter from a pot into a clear glass mixing bowl, holding a large cooking spoon. She is over 50 and has short silver or gray hair and tanned skin. She is wearing glasses and a dark blue off the shoulder dress with a white floral pattern. This woman is in active recovery from an eating disorder.
Three women sit on the edge of a wooden deck in the back yard of a house and enjoy ice cream cones for dessert in the shade of a garden with trees and bushes on a warm, sunny spring day. All of these women are in active recovery from eating disorders. – One woman is over 50 and has short silver or gray hair and tanned skin. She is wearing a dark blue off the shoulder dress with a white floral pattern. – One woman is in her 30s and has shoulder-length brown hair and pale skin. She’s wearing a blue dress with a deep V-neck and a matching blue beaded necklace. – One woman is in her 30s and has shoulder-length dark blonde hair pulled up into a bun. She’s wearing a dark blue dress and silver necklace.

More Eating Disorder Support Stock Photos

Shelbey Osborne is a 200-hour Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about yoga and astrology and uses these teachings to help individuals connect deeper to their own intuition. She is an advocate for body acceptance and applying a self-compassionate approach to all areas of our lives.