A day in the life: Hand update

Lindley's hand in a medical brace resting on a pillow

I’ve passed the 24-hour mark after my steroid shot and can technically use my right hand again, woohoo! I’m being very very cautious with it so I’ll probably be almost completely out of commission for at least another few days. This isn’t a process I want to sabotage.

I’m back on my computer for a short time today. It feels so good to be back + truly fraught because I’m so behind.

I’ll triage the most urgent messages and then go back to resting my hand for the day.

Ideally, I’ll start seeing improvement in my wrist within two weeks (though it can take up to two months if it’s going to work at all).

Shown is the seventh hand device, a De Quervain’s-specific one, I’ve reluctantly added to my collection, which makes me laugh. Worst collection ever.

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