Thin privilege is uncritically living in a culture that credits your body size to your (presumed) virtues

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Thin privilege is uncritically living in a culture that credits your body size to your (presumed) virtues and blames other people’s body sizes on their (presumed) vices.

A Twitter troll this morning reminded me that lots of people still believe that “calories in, calories out” can make fat people thin. Not only is that not accurate for most people in the medium to long term, we also know (from actual science, not What Everybody Knows) that weight cycling is more dangerous than being fat.

Your incorrect assumptions are not my emergency, bro.

The really interesting thing here, though, is that this particular troll brought the fallacy to its logical conclusion: If all it takes not to be fat is to not be a gluttonous liar about how many slices of cake you’ve had today (his example, not mine), then it follows that all fat people are lying gluttons.

And there’s the fat hate and bigotry, plain to see.

Thin privilege is living in a world where you’re automatically assigned positive traits because of your body, and those other people, well, they must be all those negative things or they would look like you.

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