Not all thin people

A dark blue background with this text faintly overlaid: "having privileges is not your fault - it does not make you a bad person - it is your responsibility to extend those privileges to everyone who lacks them." Layered on this is the first line of this post plus Lindley's logo and the words, "Why are you upset at fat people, rather than our oppressors?"

Let’s talk about a dynamic that we fat people who talk about fat constantly, endlessly, infuriatingly get from thin people: #notallthinpeople.

Any time a fat person writes about discrimination, hatred, bigotry, or ill treatment at the hands of thin people, you thin folks get uncomfortable.

Maybe your heart sinks a little, or your stomach gets the tiniest bit queasy, at how you’ve seen that treatment happen and not stopped it.

Or how maybe you thought those thoughts, but didn’t act on them. Or how many times you’ve acted that way yourself.

And that discomfort sucks, right? No one wants to feel that way. And feeling angry is easier than feeling like maybe you need to change, so you get angry at us. And then you dump that anger onto us. Endlessly. Predictably.

“Why are you so divisive?” “You’re the real problem with the body positivity movement!” “Stop tarring all thin people with the same brush!” “Thin people actually have it harder because of this one anecdote I have!” “Thin privilege doesn’t exist.” “Why can’t we all just get along?”

When fat people speak up, we not only get vicious trolls (speaking of people who want to externalize their anger, heh), but a second wash of aggrieved thin people who might not have ever personally been deliberately awful to a fat person, but are upset nonetheless.

Why are you upset at us, rather than our oppressors? Why is the indecorum of our anger and our protests more important than our oppression?

Something to think about today.

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