{The Body Liberation Guide} 45 Body Liberation Books by Black Authors for Black History Month

A fat white woman in a swimsuit with her back to a discarded cover-up on a beach, with a quote from Jenna Sauers that reads, "As long as there persists a single, narrow beauty ideal we are all instructed to live up to, none of us will live up to it."

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Also: It’s been 140 days of genocide in Palestine. Fatties for Palestine is making protest shirts more inclusive.

Also also: Linda Tirado is dying, and I hate it. We’re losing someone important.

Now, to this week’s letter:

As we pursue body liberation and fat liberation, it’s essential to keep listening to the voices that have been leading the way for decades — Black voices.

Black people have done foundational work in so many areas, from modern music to computers to civil rights to fat activism. Those of us who are non-Black activists and learners must ensure that we continue to lift up, center and support Black people in their work and lives.

Literature is one of the beautiful ways that we can do that. When we read works by Black authors we gain benefits such as insights into their experience, normal representation of the Black experience, and get to see inside of their creative minds and let their voice and stories be heard.

But Black voices are more than just learning tools for white people. Black voices need to be not only heard, but celebrated — every day, not just on Black History Month.

Here are 44 books by Black authors, ranging from anti-racist education to memoirs to fat studies to children’s books. Some of these books are fat-positive, some speak frankly about conflicting and difficult feelings about bodies, and others deal with other aspects of life and liberation.


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