{The Body Liberation Guide} Voices from underwater

Hi friend,

I know we’re slightly out of Mermay now, but mythical creatures are forever, so I want to talk some more about fat merfolk.

Through the kind service of Mermaid Chè Monique and the Society of Fat Mermaids, I was able to add the voices of lots of fat merfolk to An Ocean of Fat Merfolk. I also added some lovely fat mer-art and changed the format of the article to make it more fun to browse.

Here are a few of the mers who spoke up about what they would want someone reading about fat merpeople to know:

“We do it because we are people who love beautiful things, and want to be beautiful, too, and share that beauty with everyone around us. In our minds and hearts, we ARE beautiful. If you’re only seeing “fat”, you’re missing the *real* person we are. We ARE beautiful.”  🏖️ Serenity Fjordr

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