Thin privilege is not having your body used as a societal scapegoat.

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Fat people suffer worse health outcomes due to weight stigma? Blame fat people and call them inherently diseased.

Fat people are more at risk from COVID due to biased healthcare? Blame fat people and tell them they deserve it.

Fat people can’t buy attractive, well-fitting clothing? Blame fat people and call them frumpy and unfashionable.

Fat people get spat at and have things thrown at them on the street? Blame fat people for being unacceptable in public.

Chairs, airplane seats, public transit and social infrastructure are designed to exclude fat people? Blame fat people for not fitting.

Fat people get ostracized, trolled, constantly criticized and receive death threats when they speak up? Blame fat people for being divisive and mean.

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Privilege is unearned, but it’s not something you need to feel bad or guilty about. Let’s work to extend those privileges to the most marginalized bodies, too.

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