11 Witchy and Mystical Body-Positive Gifts for Halloween

Halloween! It’s fun for kids and adults alike. It’s a time to celebrate our darker impulses. It’s the bulwark holding back the inevitable tide of Christmas decor.

I’ve collected 11 body-positive and fat-positive Halloween gifts (for yourself or others!) to decorate your walls, clothing, bulletin boards and fall jean jackets. Each one supports marginalized artists and small businesses.

My own aesthetic is pretty firmly based in hearts and rainbows, and I’m the least dark and mysterious person you’ll ever meet, so I’ve included some fun ideas that are on the less scary side, too.

(Why won’t you see the word “spooky” in this post? Something I just learned is that in addition to the uses we might be more familiar with, it’s also been used in the last 50 years as a slur for Black people, so I won’t be using it in the future.

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1. Fat Girl Magic Print

Image description: This 5×7-inch print features a brown-skinned, lavender-horned unicorn babe dressed in a tank top, high-waisted pants, boots, and a feather boa. The words “FAT MAGIC” surround her, and her horn sparkles cheerfully.

This custom fat unicorn artwork from fat-positive artist Shelby Bergen is exclusive to the Body Love Shop! This is the only place it can be purchased. Share with the magical person in your life.

2. Fat-Positive Artwork: Dance Til We’re Dead Art Print

Image description: A painting of a green person with a skeleton behind her that they are holding hands with. They are wearing a pink bodysuit.

Fat folks get to be creepy, too. This print from artist Theresa Baxter shows a somewhat feminine-appearing person with short hair, large thighs, and green skin in the embrace of a skeleton, resting on a bed or couch with a bright red wall and flowers behind them.

3. Fine Art Print: Night Goddess, 2019

Image description: A plus-size woman poses in the moonlight. You can see an outline of her naked body with a silhouette of the mountains behind her.

In this fine art photograph by Lindley Ashline, a plus-size woman poses dramatically on a moonlit night, clad only in a trailing scarf.

4. Ink Witch

Image description: An illustration of a witch riding a flying ink paintbrush. She has pink hair, is smiling, and throwing ink behind her. The moon and the mountains are in the background.

Ink Witch stock photo created by Tatiana Gill.

Stock photos can be used on your website, social media, flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials to represent more of your customers, clients, and prospects. You’ll also be helping to change the world by increasing the representation of large-bodied and fat folks!

5. Chubby Vampire Ophelia Sticker

Image description: A small sticker of a chubby vampire. She is wearing a leather bodysuit with black stockings. She has a sleeve of tattoos including cobwebs, a skeleton, a bat and a moon. She has purple wings and purple lipstick showing her fangs.

This Sexyfation sticker will add some cuteness to your life! It will look perfect on your laptop, sketchbook, cell phone cases, or wherever you wish to place them on!

6. Sexyfation Meggy Hard Enamel Pin

Image description: A naked fat pin-up witch. She is riding a broom and wearing a witch’s hat.

Grab this Sexyfation enamel pin. This pin has a hard enamel pin, attached with a rubber clutch on the back.  Hard enamel pin, attached with a rubber clutch on the back.

7. Fat Nude Goddess of Death

Bed of Bones is a vision of a Goddess of Death, revelling in herself. Surrounded by skulls and bones, she’s a vision of beauty.

8. Corpse Wax Sticker Pack 

Image description: Three round stickers. One is a gothic woman with three boobs. The other is a naked woman standing with her leg up and long hair behind her. The third is a ram with a third eye.

The first Corpse Wax sticker set is here! These 3 pack sets are all original artwork on high quality, durable, vinyl gloss finish. They are all 76mm. Suitable for sticking on all sorts of surfaces! From laptops to phone cases to journals and more.

9. Devil Girl Print

Image description: A piece of art that has the outline of a woman with devil horns. She is wearing bondage-style lingerie and is standing with her hands above her head.

This art print shows the silhouette of a woman with horns behind beautiful multi-red colors behind her. She is wearing bondage-style lingerie in a power pose with arms up. This devilish wall art is a great addition to your witchy art collection.

10. Witchy Babe

Image description: An illustration of a fat witch sitting in front of a coldron with a spell book. She has long thick hair and wearing a witch’s hat.

A high quality A4 print designed and printed on matte paper with archival ink. The art is made to be inclusive, representative and accessible to babes of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. You are valid, heard and loved.

11. Mystical Purple Print

Image description: A painting of a woman on her knees with her hands touching overhead. She has silver and purple hair. She is wearing a black bra and black and purple striped tights. She has tattoos on her skin. Underneath the photo is the text “Never hide your magic.”

This Art Print is taken from a series of original illustrations created in digital watercolour and pencil by illustrator Charlotte Thomson-Morley.

This curvaceous, tattooed, rainbow-haired yogi was created to remind us that there is beauty in everybody and everything, especially within ourselves! No matter what shape and size we are and what we look like! We strongly believe in celebrating ourselves in all our diversity! Perfect as a gift or to display in your home as a positive message to yourself these paintings were inspired by my love of yoga and my belief that it can promote body positivity and self-love to all.

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Shelbey Osborne is a 200-hour Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about yoga and astrology and uses these teachings to help individuals connect deeper to their own intuition. She is an advocate for body acceptance and applying a self-compassionate approach to all areas of our lives.