19 Plus-Size & Size-Diverse Healthcare Stock Photos

“There is no such thing as “100% health.” Understanding the “non-diet” approach, means understanding “health” on a spectrum basis, and rejecting over-simplified, dualistic (aka “black” and “white”) interpretations of health in our culture.

In reality, there is no such thing as “100% health” or “100% un-health;” on the contrary—we are constantly bouncing around between these imaginary endpoints, falling on different points on different days, depending on a million factors.

The word “spectrum,” in fact, may itself be misleading, as health (and health choices) do not fall on one two-dimensional line, but rather, on a multidimensional matrix—a collage of intersecting realms of “health” (e.g. physical health, emotional health, and evermore subsections beyond them).

In essence, “health” is not binary—

it is not something we “do” or “don’t do,”
it is not something we “have” or “don’t have,”
and it is certainly not something at which we can “fail” or “succeed.”

Health is an ebbing, flowing, living web of choices and experiences, that we navigate differently from day to day, depending on our ever-changing priorities, environment, and personal circumstances.”

» Isabel Foxen Duke
A fat white woman runs across a sandy beach, towards the camera, into shallow ocean waves in front of a partly clouded blue sky. She has shoulder-length brown hair and pale skin. She’s wearing big sunglasses, a purple swimsuit top and mermaid-print swim shorts.

Healthcare Stock Photos for Size-Diverse, Anti-Diet & Health at Every Size® Marketing

Here are 19 beautiful photos from the healthcare collection at Body Liberation Stock, the world’s first and best site for high-resolution stock images of large bodies for commercial use. Use these images on your website, social media, flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials to represent more of your customers, clients, and prospects. You’ll also be helping to change the world by increasing the representation of large-bodied and fat folks.

These stock photos are often used by:

  • Health at Every Size healthcare providers, authors, therapists, nutritionists, and dietitians
  • Body image, intuitive eating, and life coaches
  • HAES eating disorder treatment professionals
  • Inclusive and fat-friendly fitness pros and personal trainers
  • Plus-size fashion designers, retailers and eCommerce
  • Body-positive bloggers and influencers
A woman with a limb difference and a prosthetic arm sits on a yoga mat in a studio with wooden floors and holds a yoga block.
A plus-size woman enjoys a solo tea party in a garden on a sunny summer afternoon. She has Women sit on a concrete step in an urban park with a line of smashed and broken bathroom scales on the step below them.
An inclusive yoga class works with mats, chairs and block props to modify poses. The class includes Black people, people of color, plus-size people and people with disabilities and limb differences.
A couple in their 50s sits on a driftwood log on the shore of a bay on a bright, sunny winter day. This is no stroll on a tropical beach; the weather is clearly cold and windy, and they’re both bundled up in winter coats and gloves. They’re clearly enjoying their time together.
Both members of this opposite-gender couple (cisgender male and cisgender female) have joint-related disability issues; on this day, the man is walking with a cane, and the woman occasionally does as well. Both people are Caucasian or white; her skin is quite pale and his is a warm tan. Both have graying hair and facial wrinkles.
A woman of Chinese and white heritage walks and hikes near a mountain lake.

“Your worth as a human is not dictated by your medical charts or ability to run marathons. You have inherent value — every human does. It’s really that simple.”

» Jes Baker
A plus-size woman sits in shallow river water and meditates on aPeople who are recovering from eating disorders, particularly anorexia, often see drastic changes in the size and shape of their bodies that come with their own challenges. In this close-up photo, a woman demonstrates pitting edema by pressing her fingers into the skin of her leg. She is over 50 and has short silver or gray hair and tanned skin. This woman is in active recovery from an eating disorder.

“Pitting edema can be demonstrated by applying pressure to the swollen area by depressing the skin with a finger. If the pressing causes an indentation that persists for some time after the release of the pressure, the edema is referred to aspitting edema.” (courtesy MedicineNet)
One woman supports another as she chooses which food she’d like to eat at a table spread with food (including pizza, pasta salad, a green salad, and a variety of fruits and sweet desserts) in the shade of a garden with trees and bushes on a warm, sunny spring day. Both of these women are in active recovery from eating disorders.

– One woman is in her 30s and has shoulder-length brown hair and pale skin. She’s wearing a blue dress with a deep V-neck and a matching blue beaded necklace.

– One woman is in her 30s and has shoulder-length dark blonde hair pulled up into a bun. She’s wearing a dark blue dress and silver necklace.
A woman of Pacific Islander heritage dances hula in soft, low-key light on a cloudy evening at a pebbled beach in Washington state. Her ethnicity is part Hawaiian and part Tongan. The weather is deeply cloudy. The water is calm and clear with small ripples.

Her dress is a traditional pāʻū, or pau, which she wears along with lei necklaces of flowers and nuts and a traditional haku garland on her head. She carries a garland or lei of green leaves.

This woman is a beautiful example of joyful movement. As a trained practitioner of traditional dance, her movements are strong and graceful.
A woman stands in the shade in a public park in front of vivid green bushes, vines and trees on a warm, sunny summer day. She is communicating confidence, hope and optimism. This woman is in active recovery from an eating disorder.

She is in her 30s and has shoulder-length dark blonde hair pulled up into a bun. She’s wearing a blue tank top, blue cardigan, gray pants, and sandals.

More Healthcare Stock Photos

From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Woman Using CPAP Machine
  2. Client Intake in Waiting Room
  3. Female healthcare professional portrait
  4. Acupuncture Student Palpates to Locate Large Intestine Acupuncture Points
  5. Plus Size Woman Practices Yoga on Mountain Lake Shore
  6. Hydrating in a medical office waiting room
  7. Agender Person Plants Seedling
  8. Plus-Size Woman at Tea Party
  9. Client in Waiting Room

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